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Marque Restaurant MenuI don’t remember at what point in time dining at Marque Restaurant became a birthday tradition. It must have been induced by the elegant décor and relaxed ambience of the dining room, the highly knowledgeable and welcoming staff, and Chef Mark Best’s creations that continually amaze and delight.

Very few restaurants can master the art of dégustation menus to perfection. The balance of taste and texture, the marriage of wines with the courses, the presentation and portion of the dishes and importantly, the timing of each course are all crucial elements that can make or break the experience. The diner should neither be left waiting for too long between courses nor should they feel the discomfort of a distended stomach too early in the evening. At Marque, it is easy to settle into the comfortable seats and be taken on a culinary journey that can easily turn a first time diner into a devoted habitué.

From his signature amuse-bouche, the Chaud-Froid Free Range Egg, to the cured ocean trout and the complex flavours on the palate, each course is a voyage of discovery. As one dish is cleared, anticipation builds for the next, making the eight course dégustation an experience to be remembered. The menu may have seen some changes over the years but Marque knows the crowd’s favourites.

The first time I tasted the pre-dessert of Sauternes Custard with Caramel, I could barely hide what must have looked like an orgasmic palate experience. The smooth and velvety texture of the custard was seductively complemented by the sweet explosion of the Sauternes caramel.

This is the most amazing thing to have hit my mouth in a long time were the words I uttered to the waiter after savouring the last spoonful. Before Mr G had a chance to chuckle and comment on my impetuous double entendre, the waiter swiftly returned from the kitchen and presented me with another. That became the night where I indulged in two pre-desserts. There is a heaven, and Mr Best works there.

During a more recent visit to celebrate another lap around the sun, the dining room had been renovated. As we toasted the traditional glass of Champagne and took random guesses at what had changed in the furnishings since the makeover, renowned food critic of the Masterchef Australia fame, Matt Preston walked in and sat at the next table. One is always in good company at Marque.

The dégustation menu and accompanying wines titillated and delighted. The Sauternes Custard still featured on the menu. The Campari bon bons sealed the evening.

Marque knows how to be consistently perfect.

Marque Restaurant

4/5 355 Crown St
Surry Hills
Sydney NSW 2010


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