The French Riviera Comes to Coogee Beach

There are many reasons to love Sydney. On a winter’s day, you can head down to Coogee Beach for scenery like this:

And like the lifeguard, you can do a double take…

…thinking you’re somewhere in the south of France.

Sacré bleu! There’s even a bar on the beach with Wedding Cake Island in the distance!

And there’s a film crew set up against an idyllic backdrop.

Did anyone say, Nice, Cannes, la côte d’azur?

If only there was a gorgeous plagiste serving drinks!

But it’s all business. Ready? Take 5.

And… Action! Note the raising of her hand.

And another scene shot at the bar.

Did I say I love Sydney?

Apparently, the film crew was shooting a commercial destined for abroad (possibly Japan) and won’t be shown in Australia. If anyone has any further information, please leave a comment.


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Corinne Mossati

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  1. Local in the know

    I believe they were shooting a commercial for Canon destined for the Japanese market. We won’t see be seeing it in Australia. Great shots. And what a perfect day it was.

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