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The Road to Aleppo

Author: Posted on: August 14, 2009 at 1:28 pm

On the approach to the ancient city of Aleppo in Syria, if like you, your car overheats and stops on the road don’t fret. There is always a willing local or a fellow traveller who is keen to lend a hand.

Or his car.

With the nearest petrol station only a few of kilometres away, the solution was simple. Put the overheated car in neutral gear and let the car behind push you on the highway.

Car Towing in Aleppo

Of course, this game of gentle dodgem cars had its repercussions. Once at the petrol station, it was not possible to disengage the cars that had decided to mate amorously. The big black Buick got very hot under the collar and impassioned our BMW in its grip. It took four grown men and a lot of pushing to prise the love struck cars apart.

Car love in Aleppo

The photographs were taken at the ornate service station while their drivers huddled in the shade and smoked a cigar on their behalf.
Petrol station near Aleppo


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3 Comments to “The Road to Aleppo”

  1. Jen Laceda says:

    I want to see Aleppo!!! I’ve never been to Syria, but I am just dying to go!

    • Gourmantic says:

      Jen - It is a magnificent place to visit in terms of culture, food and history. I have much to tell. This was just a little teaser!

  2. [...] many passers by, we stopped for a brief pause and a photo opportunity on our way to the city of Aleppo. We took a little time to relax in the gardens along the riverbanks. We drank Arabic coffee brewed [...]

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