Elpozo Jamón Ibérico: A Comparison with Cinco Jotas

After the taste sensation of Cinco Jotas Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, I discovered another jamón in my travels. Peeking from behind the deli counter, Elpozo Jamón Ibérico lured the eye with its black and transparent packaging. Naturally, it leaped into the shopping basket.

Later in the evening while a glass of Pinot Noir warmed the palate, it was time for the ultimate taste test. As with the Cinco Jotas Jamón, I took it out of the refrigerator for twenty minutes before serving to soften the meat and release the flavours.

Elpozo Jamón Ibérico

Upon initial examination, the marbling of the meat was similar but it looked a little dry in parts. Was the appearance indicative of the taste? I ensured I gave it sufficient time to bring it to ambient temperature.

Elpozo Jamón Ibérico

The lovely sheen that delicately coats every piece was present although it was a little less noticeable. The first taste confirmed the expected dryness which made those pieces a little more chewy. The softer and fatty parts with the marbling were a delight, releasing the distinctive jamón flavours. They lingered in the mouth, only they were not as nutty as the Cinco Jotas jamón. There was no oiliness that coated the mouth or any fatty aftertaste, just an overall milder flavour that was not as intense as the melt-in-the-mouth jamónes.

Nods of approval were exchanged at the table. Retailing at just $15.99 for 100g, one fifth of the retail price of Cinco Jotas, not only is it value for money, it is a good reason to eat it more frequently.

Elpozo Jamón Ibérico

Elpozo Jamón Ibérico


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  • Tried the Jamon Iberico, Jamon Serrano and the Parma from Italy at Rockpool bar and grill in Sydney.  I made sure I started with the Parma and worked up to the Iberico.  You truly can taste the nutty like flavours off the forest floor.  When eating this, I always think of Pedro Almodovar’s classic Jamon Jamon where they eventually beat each other to death with a leg of Iberico.  To the victor go the spoils!!

    • Frank: I find Parma to Iberico is like comparing apples to quince. When fine quality Iberico is served at room temperature, allowing the nuttiness flavour to be released, it’s a taste that can’t be beaten. Not even with a leg of Iberico! 😉