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Black Mountain Tower in Canberra

I looked up at her right from below. She reminded me of a caricature, a haggard gypsy woman with dangling earrings, the kind that jingle when she bobs her head, drawing attention away from an overgrown wart on her face. Yet she is no gypsy nor is she an old woman. She greets visitors on the approach to her city, standing tall and slim like any 29 year old in her country’s capital city.

Black Mountain Tower in Canberra

Black Mountain Tower, formerly known as Telstra Tower, stands at the summit of Canberra’s Black Mountain and plays the functional role of providing communications facilities for the city. Visitors ascend its tower for a 360 degree view over Canberra and the surrounding countryside.

Black Mountain Tower in Canberra

The view from the open viewing gallery is breathtaking. Particularly is you visit in the colder months and brave the chilly air that can snap your breath away at 62 metres above ground. For those not inclined to brave the elements, the enclosed viewing gallery provides a similar view from behind glass.

Black Mountain Tower in Canberra

Don’t think you can enter the Tower and sneak a few photographs from the ground floor windows without paying the admission fee.  The glass is frosted and does not  even allow a glimpse of what lays below.

Black Mountain Tower in Canberra

Black Mountain Tower can be reached by car from the Black Mountain Drive turn-off, on Clunies Ross Street. Or if you’re up for exercise, you can do as some of the locals and take an arduous jog.

Black Mountain Tower
Black Mountain, (Canberra)
ACT, Australia


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