Venetian Spritz

Spritz con AperolWhat brings me great joy when travelling the world is the discovery of new culinary treats and local beverages, particularly those I can replicate back home. It is the ultimate souvenir, a lingering taste sensation that floods the mind and the palate with sweet memories of the trip.

It was in the enchanting town of Treviso in northern Italy than I became acquainted with the Spritz. L’ora Dell Aperitivo or Aperitif Time in the Veneto region often sees locals huddled around this mysterious fiery orange-coloured drink.

Spritz is best made with a good measure of Prosecco, topped with either Aperol and a thick slice of orange, or Campari and a thick slice of lemon and soda water, all in equal measures.

Prosecco is a sparkling wine from the northern Veneto region of Italy. Prior to my recent visit, I had only known the sweeter variety with a mild effervescence, which I found too sweet for my taste. My introduction to the dryer and more bubbly variety has turned me into a convert.

Aperol is an alcoholic mixer made from a blend of ingredients that include bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, a range of herbs and roots and that give it a bitter-sweet yet fruity taste which is prevalent in the Spritz. The more famed Campari by comparison is more bitter for those who prefer a rougher taste.

Variations of the Spritz include the use of a dry white wine instead of Prosecco, soda water or effervescent mineral water with either Aperol or Campari. I have found the use of dry white wine and the absence of a good fizz diluted the taste.

When ordering a Spritz in the Veneto, you need to specify the mixer, Spritz con Aperol or Spritz con Campari. I much preferred the former for its milder and less bitter taste but with a good dry Prosecco, I could easily go through the bottle of Campari that has been in the liquor cabinet for a few years.

I predict a long hot summer with a light and refreshing drink, and as a relative of mine would say, ça descend tout seul. It goes down easy.

Cin Cin!

aperol. .
Spritz con Aperol …….. Spritz con Campari
1/3 Prosecco
1/3 Aperol
1/3 soda water
thick slice of orange
1/3 Prosecco
1/3 Campari
1/3 soda water
thick slice of lemon


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  1. I am glad you liked the Spritz.  We absolutely hated it — too bitter for our tastes.

  2. I’ll have to give it a try when I’m in Italy, I have a taste more for bitter than sweet.

    • Anil: A word of warning, if you happen to like it, it’s addictive! I couldn’t get enough of it.

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