Annual Champagne Tasting at the Ultimo Wine Centre

Forget oversized Christmas trees and glittering tinsel in shopping centres. Nothing heralds the approach of the holiday season more than the Ultimo Wine Centre announcing its annual Champagne tasting. Forming part of our Foodie Triangle, The UWC has been a regular haunt for many years, an enotheque that often satisfies our craving for libations discovered during our travels.

The free event was held  on Saturday December 5  with several marques and vintages available to taste. Familiar faces, regulars and enthusiasts gathered around as popping bottles at midday punctuating the air with anticipation of that first sip of French bubbles.

Held on their premises in the inner city suburb of Ultimo, this year’s tasting was divided between the store and the adjoining loading dock, a welcome move since attendance is often high and the shop gets crammed with people trying to get close to the tasting tables.

The ambience was one of celebration, as one would expect from a Champagne tasting, held in a setting redolent of a fine art gallery housing some of the best crus locally and internationally.

Below are some of the Champagne houses participating in the tasting.

Champagne Taitinger Prelude and NV – Brillecart Salmon Demi Sec, Bollinger, Jacquesson NV #733

Louis Roederer and Gonet-Medeville – Audrey Dupois, Brillecart Salmon Brut Reserve and Blanc de Blanc

Champagne Gosset 1999 – Ployez-Jacquemart NV and Rene Geoffroy NV

Larmandier Bernier NV – Gosset 1999 Pouring

Egly Ouriet NV and Agarapart NV Blanc de Blanc – Gosset gift packs

Ultimo Wine Centre
Shop c21/99 Jones St
Ultimo NSW 2007


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  1. You can’t just wave all those bubbles at me and not offer a critique!!! Come on… spill!!! =)

    • Matilda: I deliberately left the critique out :). There were so many to enjoy but since you asked, I will list the top 5 favourites of the day (not in order):
      Brillecart Salmon NV & Blanc de Blanc
      Taitinger NV Prelude & Taitinger NV
      Gosset 1999 Vintage
      Bollinger NV
      Gonet-Medeville NV Blanc de Noirs

  2. mario@valentine wine

    This post is as wonderful as Champagne itself ever was! What a wonderful occasion to improve one’s culture and knowledge! Very very interesting. I might even get there next year!

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