Bike Mi in Milano

The pattern of bikes lined up in the courtyard of a church in Milan caught my eye. Their orange and cream metal gleamed under the peeping sun. Bike Mi s an public bicycle transport system where registered users can swipe their card in front of a reader at various locations, ride a bike to their destinations and drop it at the many stations around the city, an ecological alternative to other forms of public transport.

Bike Mi - Milan

These bicycles were popular all over Milan. During late afternoons, some of these stations were empty as commuters used to them to go home. In contrast to the safety requirements in Australia, not a single person riding them wore a safety helmet.

More information can be obtained from their website:

Milan – Italy


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  1. This idea seems to be catching on in cities all over Europe, those bikes look so typically Italian, so stylish!

    • Heather: I saw them in Paris as well. They’re called Velib. But the Milanese bikes looked much smarter.

  2. I love it! So very Italian – and of course they don’t wear helmets. That would mess the hair and be so very unfashionable!
    Glad I’ve found your blog – so I’ve passed on my Over The Top Award to you – please head over to my blog to collect it!

    • Forager: Hehe… you’re right! Why mess a perfectly chic look.
      Thank you kindly. Will pop over soon to check it out, and likewise, I’m glad we’ve found each other’s sites 🙂

  3. Lovin’ this for the retro and the innate appeal of symmetry!

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