A Walk Through Mogliano Veneto

The town of Mogliano Veneto formed our base. Every morning, we donned our winter coats and scarves, and soldiered on, a piedi, taking a brisk walk in the crisp morning air to the stazione. Every day, we embarked on a train journey to explore some of the towns that form Italy’s Veneto region.

Mogliano Veneto
Mogliano Veneto train station

Mogliano Veneto (pronounced mol-ya-no veh-neh-toh) is a small, tranquil town in the province of Treviso in Northern Italy. Its leafy outlook, clean wide streets and specialist boutiques give it a modern and elegant feel. The centre of town is near the train station and is easily explored on foot. Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta is the parish church that dominates the centre leading up to an area pedonale, free of traffic on weekends. The centre of town occasionally plays host to regional food festivals.

Mogliano Veneto

Locals of all ages, particularly older residents are often seen riding their bicycles, balancing shopping with one hand and their two-wheels with another. The town holds a mercato every Monday, a market day with stalls selling household items, fresh produce and seafood.

Mogliano Veneto

Located just 10 kilometres outside of Venice*, it is an ideal spot for those not wishing to stay with the crowds of La Serenissima. Frequent train services connect it to Venezia Santa Lucia station, a hub of vaporetti that cruise the Grand Canal and the Venetian islands of Murano*, Burano* and Torcello*.

Mogliano Veneto

For those wishing to explore the towns of the Veneto region, the train goes direct from Mogliano Veneto to Treviso*. It only takes a short train ride to reach Venezia Mestre station (15 minutes) where connections are made to popular towns such as Padova*, Vicenza* and Verona*.

Mogliano Veneto

Mogliano is easily explored in a day, and while one may argue there is little to see compared to its famed cousins, it is not lacking in charm, ambience and particularly good regional food*.

* all subjects of upcoming posts

* * * * *

Postcardsfrom Mogliano Veneto

Mogliano Veneto
Scenes from the centre of town

Mogliano Veneto
Scenes from the centre of town

Mogliano Veneto
Chiesa di Santa Maria di Assunta photographed in the fog


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