Bussolà Buranello: The Sweet Taste of Burano

There had to be a reason why it came home with us. The packet of Bussolà Buranello was meant to be enjoyed as an afternoon snack on the prettiest island of the Venetian lagoon. Instead, it accompanied us as we journeyed across Lake Como, Milan and Paris then all the way back to Sydney via Dubai. It made it home, unbroken.

Bussolà Buranello

The island of Burano is renowned for its picturesque setting, a miniature Venice with bold-coloured houses and tiny bridges reflecting in the still waters of the lagoon. Famous for its elaborate lace work, it is also the home of the Bussolà Buranello, a typical sweet of the enchantingly beautiful island where locals don’t seem to mind you pointing your camera at their colourful houses.

Bussolà Buranello
La Pasticceria Carmelina Palmisano

Bussolà Buranello

Bussolà is an artisanal biscuit that was originally baked on Easter Sunday. Now, it is available all year round and continues to be made according to tradition. The word bussolà means compass which explains the ‘O’ shape of these Dolcetti Veneziani though they also come in other variations such as the Esse, in the shape of an ‘S’.

Bussolà Buranello

The rich buttery biscuits pack a nice crunch and leave a sweet and lingering after-taste of lemon, a perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or black coffee. Bussolà can also be enjoyed dipped in a sweet dessert wine, like the cantucci biscuits in Vin Santo.

Bussolà Buranello

Much like a coveted souvenir from a trip abroad, opening the packet of Bussolà Buranello at home and taking that first bite took me back to the afternoon spent in Burano.

A simple biscuit, a morsel of a memory, compliments of the culinary discoveries that travel brings.


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  1. I love those gorgeous colours! The blue in particular is so captivatingly vivid!

    • Forager: The island is a kaleidoscope of colours. Can’t tell you how many photos I took as walked around. Will be doing a dedicated post on Burano some time soon.

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  4. Bussolà Buranello cookies OMG, I just came back from a visit there in May 2012 and must order more of those delicious cookies.

    How can I get some?

    Is there a direct web site to this wonderful little shop. I plan to buy many more bags and freexe them for everyone to taste.

    If I could I would move to Burno Island tomorrow.

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