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Best of Gourmantic 2009

Author: Posted on: December 31, 2009 at 12:33 pm

Since its inception six months ago on 26 July 2009, 95 articles have been published on Gourmantic.com showcasing a variety of travel, food, drink, restaurant reviews, photographs, music and opinion pieces. Today, as the decade comes to a close and the dawn of ‘twenty-ten’ is mere hours away, it is time to look back at the articles and achievements to date.

Content and aesthetics complement one another like a glass of Sauternes is to foie gras. In recent days, the site has undergone a minor cosmetic layout change on the front page and there have been minor tweaks all along. We are continuously seeking improvements in this space which we consider to be our permanent holiday home. While it’s a good idea to reflect on the brief history of Gourmantic, we also have plans to move the site forward. Drawing on our combined travel and food experiences in various destinations and the recent intensive trip in October-November of 2009, we are excited about sharing our travel and culinary adventures.

To find out more about us, you can visit the About and FAQ pages. Places We’ve Been and Gourmantic Living are the pages where we outline our food and travel wish lists and those we have achieved to date. You can subscribe to your RSS feeds or use the form in the sidebar to subscribe to our updates by email. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Urbanspoon, Foodbuzz, Travel Blog Exchange, YouTube where we look forward to connecting with you.

From both of us here at Gourmantic, we wish you a fabulous and delicious 2010. Happy New Year!

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June 2009
Passions – where it all started for Gourmantic

July 2009
Marquing the Best – a tribute to one of Sydney’s top chefs, Mark Best of Marque restaurant
Black Diamonds – all you need to know about truffles

August 2009
Pineau des Charentes: A Regional Apéritif
A Westerner’s Breakfast in Japan
The Foodie Triangle: Part 1 – Sydney Fish Market

September 2009
The Foodie Triangle: Part 2 – Simon Johnson
The Foodie Triangle: Part 3 – Ultimo Wine Centre
Raouché: The Inspirational Rock
Travelling in the Digital Era
Beit Sissi: The Pride of Aleppo’s Cuisine
When You’ve Got to Go

October 2009
Drinks Around the World: The Vesper Martini
Métro Stories #2

November 2009
A Tahitian Wedding Tale
How to Break a 500 Euro Note in Paris
Al Nassma: Camel Milk Chocolate Tasting

December 2009
Le Jules Verne: Dining at 125m Above Paris
5 Ways to Deal with the ‘How Was Your Trip’ Question
Three Best Kept Travel Secrets


Corinne is the founder and editor of Gourmantic. An avid scribe, she has taken pen to paper since the age of five. Her repertoire includes long works of fiction, short stories and travelogues.

She is a winner of the GT travel writing competition, has judged the Australasian Whisky Awards for 2013 and several cocktail competitions. She is also named in the Australian Bartender Most Influential List for 2013.

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4 Comments to “Best of Gourmantic 2009”

  1. Dave and Deb says:

    Congratulations on an excellent year! So great getting to know you and all the best for 2010!

  2. Forager says:

    Wow, I’m only just appreciating how well travelled you are! Your places we’ve been list reads like my travel wishlist!

    • Gourmantic says:

      Forager: And my wish list is likely to be somebody else’s places where they’ve been. Isn’t that a delicious irony? :)

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