Afternoon Tea at Burj Al Arab

Milestones are meant to be celebrated. Whether they come in the form of an Indulgent Afternoon Tea at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel to celebrate a special anniversary, or this tribute post to commemorate the 100th article on Gourmantic, reaching a round number is cause to pop the Champagne and toast the occasion.

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At Burj Al Arab, the experience begins the moment you make your reservation with the hotel. The level of service from their attentive staff is exemplary and sets the mind on a journey that speaks of hospitality and luxury way before boarding the airplane.

Don’t even think you can get anywhere near Dubai’s seven star hotel or sneak a look at the lavish lobby with its gilded interiors, dancing fountains and aquarium walls. Unless you are a hotel guest or you have a booking at their restaurants, bars or afternoon teas, you will not be allowed in.

Security is controlled at the gates. Arriving by taxi, we are stopped. I show the booking confirmation letter and we are welcomed to BAA and politely asked to go over the bridge that connects to the sail-like hotel rising from the Persian Gulf. Once we have made it past the control, we are made to feel very welcome.

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We arrive a little early to give us the opportunity to explore the settings and take a few photographs. The hotel’s architecture is a marvel to be admired from all angles. When we finally step into the grand lobby and are greeted with a warm welcome and offered fresh dates from a silver tray.

“Welcome to Burj Al Arab. You’re here for the afternoon tea? You’re probably a little early. Would you like to take a look around and maybe take some photographs?”

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (24)

I can barely contain my excitement now that I do not have to sneak a shot or two. We are left to admire the ambience de luxe in our surrounds. Photographs of the decadent Burj al Arab lobby will feature in a future article.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (5)

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (2)

We take the lift to the 27th floor of the SkyView Bar. The island of Palm Jumeirah becomes three dimensional with Atlantis rising from the sea, the first glimpse of architecture that is best seen from soaring heights. We are welcomed in the bar’s shimmering gold lobby and in just a couple of minutes, we are shown to our window table. I catch a smile on my face reflecting in the glass. I am simply in awe of my surrounds.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (22)

The waiter offers us a glass of Roederer Champagne then stretches one arm out while he pours it into a glass flute.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (1)

We are offered an extensive menu from which we make our tea selection, a rich and aromatic Superior Oolong for me and the fragrant Jasmin Pearls for Mr G.

Guests start to arrive, couples, families, friends and relatives. I note that the majority have made an effort to dress for the occasion, a little more than the required ‘Smart Casual’ attire. The overall ambience is one of luxury with attentive service. We are made to feel comfortable and welcome and settle in for the afternoon tea experience.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (23)

The first course is a mix of fresh berries and cream whetting the palate and a good accompaniment to the crispness of the Champagne.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (19)

This is followed by a Beef Wellington, served warm with a beetroot purée.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (21) Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (26)

The next part of the service is perfectly coordinated. Waiting staff appear all at once carrying stands in the shape of the Burj with the selection of afternoon tea temptation on colourful glass plates. These are placed on the table in front of us and we are left to admire the choice before us.

Four tiers make up the miniature steel Burj with the food presented on colourful glass plates with decorative patterns. Some remind me of the sea below, others of the colourful fish I spotted in the aquarium wall.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (17)

The top layer consists of a selection of sandwiches, egg, smoked salmon, cream cheese with sun dried tomatoes, cucumber and cream cheese on different types of bread.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (16)

No sooner that we eat a couple of pieces that we are offered more. The smoked salmon is a little hard to resist.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (18)Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (12)

The next tier is made up of seafood vol-au-vents with prawns, choux pastry chicken with seeded mustard, a beef sandwich,

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (13)

and my favourite so far, basil, tomato and bocconcini cheese on squid ink bread. We are reminded that the first tiers of the afternoon are all we can eat. Tempted as we are, we must leave room for the remaining dishes.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (14)

The third tier is made up of my signature dessert, the creme brûlée with an assortment of shortbread biscuits and a carrot cake.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (10)

We are left to enjoy the hospitality at a leisurely pace, sipping fragrant teas and indulging in tasty morsels.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (6)

The tea is replenished as often as we like.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (11) Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (9)

Next, we are presented with fruit cake, scones with and without raisins and an assortment of spreads, strawberry and rose petal jam, clotted cream, a strawberry mousse and tangy passion fruit.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (7)

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (20)

Not losing sight of our surrounds for any moment, we admire the city of Dubai at our feet. The views from the SkyView Bar on the 27th floor are stunning. They provide a perspective to the city that can only be attained from the air. Extending from the wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a semi-circular pier leading to the 360° Bar. I am on the lookout for the setting sun over Palm Jumeirah. I take a few photographs which will be the subject of a future article.

After a little pause for photographing scenery, it is time to sample all the petits fours and gourmandises.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (15)

I choose the fig tart and green tea macaron, leaving the caramel slice and white chocolate cake for Mr G.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (8)

The assortment on the aquamarine plate is hard to resist. But by now, we are both nearly at satiation point. Every course has been delectable.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (29)

Maybe another brief pause for photography and styling might replenish the appetite. With a strawberry dipped in white chocolate and decorated with a gold leaf, a meringue lemon tart with an erect ripe berry, a passion fruit ball with an oozing liquid centre, a saucer-like with white chocolate filling, we are more than a little full.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (4)

And just when we think the afternoon tea was coming to a close, we are presented with a special cake and a candle to blow with a Happy Anniversary message on behalf of Burj Al Arab, a surprise that admittedly leaves me a little teary eyed.

Afternoon Tea Burj al Arab (3)

Indulgent Afternoon Tea consist of the following:

  • 7 different types of sandwiches
  • A fine selection of pastries and petit fours
  • Home made scones and preserves
  • Choice of 50 different type of Teas
  • Premium selection of coffees
  • Glass of Champagne


  • Reservations must be made in advance by emailing Burj Al Arab Hotel at Credit card details need to be provided to secure the booking. It will be charged on the day unless a cancellation is made.
  • The best session for the afternoon tea is around 4.00pm where you get a chance to see the sunset over the Persian Gulf.
  • Don’t eat a big lunch on the day or book a lavish dinner for the evening as the afternoon tea provides ample food.
  • BAA advises that the dress code is Smart casual. Gentlemen are requested to wear a shirt with collar, long trousers or smart jeans and closed shoes (no trainers). In our experience, the majority of guests made more of an effort to dress up which contributed to the overall elegant ambience.
  • Photography is allowed at management discretion but not video to respect the privacy of guests.

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  2. oh wow… everything sure looks delicious…
    happy anniversary…
    hehe as usual, i got hungry again after reading this article…

  3. You celebrate in style!
    I had a good friend who lived in Dubai and heard stories about the hotel. I’ve always been curious to see more of the interior and glad to have come across this post. I’ve heard it’s pretty expensive to get inside and that there’s a ‘cover charge’ to enter?

    • Anil: I try! 🙂
      You can’t just walk in to Burj Al Arab. You need to either be a guest at the hotel or have a reservation to eat at their restaurants or bars. They are pricey as one expects from such a hotel. If the afternoon tea doesn’t appeal, you can have a drink at the SkyView Bar in the evening and you need to book in advance. There is also a minimum charge for it. The afternoon tea is the best option because it allows you to see the views in daylight, especially of the parts that are built from reclaimed land on the sea. There really isn’t much to see in the evening apart from the interior of the hotel.

      I will be writing posts showing the interior of the hotel and the views from the Bar. There is no cover charge to visit my site! 😀

  4. Congratulations on your 100th post and your anniversary! Boy, this is another experience I’d love to have one day soon! I saw a program on the construction and design of the hotel and was utterly awe-struck throughout the program. So much gold foil was used to decorate the interiors – kilograms and kilograms of it!

    • Forager: Thank you! I highly recommend the experience if you get the chance. If you factor in the price the actual visit to the hotel, it makes it even more worthwhile. The amount of gold on the interior is mind-blowing yet surprisingly not garish.

  5. Congrats on your 100th post – mine went by and I didn’t even notice!  What a wonderful way to celebrate!

    • Mardi: It was one of those lifetime experiences and I’d even put it as a must-see while in Dubai, worthy of the 100th post!

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  7. It’s fabulous isn’t it! And what a lovely touch getting a little surprise for your anniversary! 😀

    • Lorraine: It was so lovely of them and totally unexpected that I got a little teary-eyed, I stll have the fondest memory of that experience!

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment 🙂

  8. Gourmantic, I like your style of writing. Very nice, humble and authentic. Keep it up. BTW, Congratulations on your achievement. Surely, you’ll celebrate your next soon, your Thousandth post. Kudos!

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  21. Question: We are making reservations for aft tea at the Burg. Our reservation is at 4:30 and sunset is at 6:53pm. Is 2 1/2 hrs too long or just right?? You also mentioned that you did the desert safari. Did you do the evening one and is it really worth it?? Thanks for you advice.


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