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Pasticceria Breda in Padova

If you find yourself walking along the narrow cobblestone streets of Padova, past Ponte delle Torricelle where you pause for moment of reflection and you get a hankering for a sweet taste, make a stop at Pasticceria Breda.

Pasticceria Breda in Padova

Pasticceria Breda in Padova

There is outdoor seating under the archways where you can indulge your sweet tooth, café-style, or eat inside at the stand up bar.

Pasticceria Breda in Padova

Walking past the shop on a late Saturday afternoon, I stop to admire the pasticci on display from behind the glass window.

Pasticceria Breda in Padova

I can’t resist the temptation under the guise of marroni al naturale, whole chestnuts that are cooked in syrup, beautifully presented in a copper cauldron. I love the taste of chestnuts. I even eat them raw as a way to gauge the nuttiness and freshness of the fruit.

Pasticceria Breda in Padova

Inside the pasticceria, I sneak a photo of the tarts, pastries and millefoglie before placing my order in Italian.

Mangiare qui o da asporto?” the sales girl asks in return.

Noticing my puzzled look, she switches to English. “Take away?”

Si.” I nodd. “Grazie.”

Da asporto. I just added a new word to my Italian language repertoire.

Pasticceria Breda in Padova

I watch her wrap the marroni like a prized gift.

Pasticceria Breda in Padova

We stop by the first little piazza and unwrap the small parcel, step by step, with a pause in between to take photographs. Naturalmente.

Pasticceria Breda in Padova

The marrone are plump, juicy and sweet, without the crystallised sugary taste that accompanies many of the french style marrons glacés. The syrup in which they were cooked was simply finger-licking goodness.

Buon appetito!

Pasticceria Breda
Via Umberto I, 26
35122 Padova (Veneto), Italy
+39 049 8758394


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