Sadaharu Aoki at Lafayette Gourmet

It’s not always possible to photograph food in one’s travels. Waving a digital SLR in front of window displays in certain parts of the world is often frowned upon. Many a finger has been wagged the moment a camera lens is pointed at a mouth-watering array of pâtisseries. But what is a travelling foodie to do when the urge is strong and the fingers twitch on the shutter?

Occupying a prime position in the food hall of Paris’ premier department store Galeries Lafayette, I was seduced by form and colour of Japanese pâtissier Sadaharu Aoki‘s visual treats. The gourmandises before me were a unique marriage of classic Japanese flavours and traditional French pastry, an epitome to the Japanese love affair with all things French.

Sadaharu Aoki - Lafayette Gourmet

Think green tea éclairs , a rainbow of macarons and the palette of colour of his  Bonbon Maquillage with vivid shades and elegant parfums such as bamboo, cassis, yuzu and framboise. Seasonal creations feature at certain times of the year such as galette des rois au thé vert at Epiphany, and decorative green tea Easter eggs and festive chocolate egg chickens.

Sadaharu Aoki - Lafayette Gourmet

Bonbons Maquillage

In the end, resistance wavered. The digital SLR was put away and it was left to the palm-sized point and shoot camera in Mr G’s stealth hand to bring a few photo souvenirs home to Gourmantic.

Sadaharu Aoki - Lafayette Gourmet

Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI at boutique Lafayette Gourmet
Galeries Lafayette Gourmet
40 Boulevard Haussemann
75009 Paris


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  1. You are so brave to attempt this feat! Kudos! I got the finger wave and head shake from Lenotre in Paris myself…it’s so hard to sneak in these shots when the entire shop is hushed and every whir of the camera shutter is heard!

    • Jen: I don’t know how Mr G managed it but it would have been a tad easier at Lafayette Gourmet than trying it at Lenotre. When we visited Laduree it was impossible!

  2. I have been severely reprimanded for taking pictures – even with my old discreet point and shoot – in Lafayette Gourmet so I am pleased to see you got some!

    • Mardi: I got the same treatment as you on the visit before last, the only time I pretended not to speak French!

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