Adriano Zumbo Pâtisserie and Heart-Shaped Macarons

Unlike the previous visit to Adriano Zumbo, the queue wasn’t spilling out onto the footpath. It might have had something to do with Sydney’s incessant rain or the impending Valentine’s Day celebrations. Inside the pâtisserie, people waited in an Indian file for their turn, their eyes feasting on the colourful display of gourmandises behind the glass counter.

Adriano Zumbo

Every visit to Zumbo’s pâtisserie leaves me pondering about the man. As an artist who creates edible art, where does he get his inspiration? Who is the Muse behind his creations?

Adriano Zumbo Adriano Zumbo
Adriano Zumbo Adriano Zumbo

The summer 2009/2010 collection, I Thought It, You Brang It, I Built It, You Bought It, sounds more like a clever marketing slogan than a name attributed to pastries. His artistic talent extends to the names he gives his creations, such as Clancy, the rains are coming, Weekend in the Cross and Get Better Reception with This.

It is time to choose from the selection.

Google It, Real Life is described as banana passionfruit crème, citron chiboust, fresh berries and almond croquante. The crème brûlee-like topping is enough to seduce the eye. As for the taste, it is citrusy and creamy and I liked the contrast in texture between the crunchy base and the soft topping.

Google It, Real Life

Alessia, I Like Big Buns is made with pâte à choux, dukkah sablé, pistachio, crème mousseline, Dijon mustard crème anglaise, pistachio crunchy and fresh raspberries. The combination of ingredients sound like an odd mix and this is reflected in the taste which I found a little too bland.

Alessia, I Like Big Buns
Through the Looking Glass Jessica Rabbit is one of those desserts that scream choose me. Made with pâte sablée coconut, pandan jelly & coconut crémeux it is as visually enticing as it tastes. I could eat one of those eggs for breakfast any day.

Through the Looking Glass Jessica Rabbit

Is Anybody Working? is an intriguing name and it makes me wonder if it’s Zumbo’s favourite phrase. The dessert is made up of apricot mousse, avocado crème, almond jelly and coconut dacquoise. If I could take the liberty, I would rename it, Smooth Operator, as it did not survive the drive back and the humidity of the day and arrived home mating with Alessia’s buns. At least, it wore protection. (warning: rude food pic)

Is Anybody Working? ZumboIs Anybody Working? ZUmbo
Zumbo’s macarons are the reason I discovered his patisserie. On Valentine’s Day, these delicacies morphed into heart shapes, a welcome surprise upon entering the store.

Adriano Zumbo macaronsAdriano Zumbo macarons

Whether they come in rose, caramel, passionfruit, raspberry and other flavours I was too busy enjoying to write down, the way to a girl’s heart on Valentine’s Day is via Zumbo’s heart-shaped macarons.

Adriano Zumbo macarons

After all, as I tweeted on February 14, Love is… feeding each other heart-shaped macarons from @zumbopatisserie.

Adriano Zumbo Pâtisserie
296 Darling Street
Balmain NSW 2040

Update August 2010:

Please note that the Adriano Zumbo Café (not the Patisserie) has closed recently and will reopen in new premises. A review will follow on Gourmantic.


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  2. Lovely post!  LOVED Zumbos when I was in Syd last summer ( and my mum has already alerted me to the heart shaped ones!!  If only I had discovered your blog before I went to Oz – we would have had a right old time!!!!

    • Mardi: I’m so pleased you discovered Zumbo when you were in Oz. And you’re absolutely right, we would have been in our element. Two taureans with a passion for food, esp French and macarons. Magnifique!

  3. You had me sold with the “Google It, Real Life” one – they look absolutely amazing, so delicate that it’s a wonder you can eat them! What a perfectly lovely way to celebrate Valentines Day … although I imagine it doesn’t have to be a holiday to justify one of these treats  😉

    • Shannon: That’s the beauty, they’re all edible AND photogenic! All I can say is if I lived close to Balmain where Zumbo’s patisserie is I wouldn’t be able to maintain my weight! 😉

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