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Ladurée, Bonaparte: Part 2 Le Temps des Macarons

Continues from Ladurée, Champs-Elysées: Part 1 Macaron Decisions.

The queue outside Ladurée Bonaparte is relatively small. Here in the heart of st-germain, amidst narrow streets and struggling traffic, I take a few photographs of the window display and marvel at the creations before me. I peer through the glass towards the counter and catch a glimpse of the action inside. Admittedly, my earlier reconnaissance visit to Ladurée on the Champs-Elysées left me a little lost for choice.

This time, I must make a decision.

Ladurée, Bonaparte

The queue inches forwards at an escargot’s pace giving ample opportunity to feast the eyes on the kaleidoscope of macarons and gateaux. Behind me, an adventurous customer raises her SLR camera only to be met with a “Non non non!” from a Ladurée employee, a wag of the finger followed by a firm but polite “Ce nest pas permis”. Not allowed.

Ladurée, Bonaparte

It is now my turn. I tell the young demoiselle that I would like a box of six macarons. I select Les Réglettes Napoleon III, a purple and silver box as a keepsake. I make my choice of flavours then pay Monsieur à la caisse.

I keep a watchful eye on my soon to be prized possessions. I walk out carrying a Ladurée bag with its trademark of green and pink colours, smiling, as if I had just bought a couture outfit.

Ladurée, BonaparteLadurée, Bonaparte

There only two hours left in Paris before boarding the plane back home. We complete some last minute purchases, pick up our luggage from the hotel and settle into the back seat of a taxi parisien for a ride to the airport in the evening peak hour. The bag of macarons occupies the seat between us.

We check into Charles-de-Gaulle airport, pass through security and finalise the rest of the formalities with no embarrassing experiences this time. With half an hour left till we board our plane, we take a breather on the moulded plastic seat.

Le temps des macarons is upon us. The time has finally come. Time to improvise under stark neon lights. Time for creative food styling over a winter’s coat faux fur. Time to take that last longing look before finally sinking our teeth into each and every flavour.

Ladurée, Bonaparte

It was our last meal in Paris. And the taste was simply incomparable.

Ladurée, Bonaparte1 mangue jasmin
-mango jasmin

2 fruits rouges
– red fruits

3 bergamote
– bergamot

4 pétale de rose
– rose petal

5 pistache
– pistachio

6 réglisse
– liquorice

Ladurée Bonaparte
21 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris
Métro: st-germain

Edit 17/9/2012: Ladurée Sydney is now open


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