The Real Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona

Mention the name Verona and you immediately associate it with romance and the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet immortalised in Shakespeare’s works. Now with the release of the movie Letters to Juliet, this popular tourist destination is likely to draw hoards of romantic hopefuls flocking to its shores along the Adige river in search of love and adventure.

Casa di Giulietta, or Juliet’s House, is where the Capuleti family is said to have lived. Located in the centre of Verona at via Cappello 23, it is a little difficult to find. Follow the directions to Piazza delle Erbe and once you see the graffiti covered sign post and the plaque above the archway, you will recognise it by the number of people inside the courtyard.

Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in VeronaLetters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona
Entrance and Archway

Pass through the short dark tunnel, (more on that later), and you’ll find yourself in the intimate courtyard vying for a photo opportunity with fellow awe-struck visitors.

Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona

With romance in your heart, you’ve come to see this. Juliet’s balcony. Allow your mind to play a romantic scene from a late night fantasy or a bad Hollywood romantic comedy.

Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona
Juliet’s Balcony

The tiny balcony is indeed picture pretty. But if you believe the folklore, the Capuleti family has never lived here and the balcony was a recent addition in 1936 by the government to attract tourism. For just €4, you can visit the interior of the house to see the bed from the 1936 Zeffirelli’s movie Romeo and Juliet. But be prepared to rub shoulders with clichéd romantics reading each other passages from Shakespeare’s work on the infamous balcony.

Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona
Doesn’t Shakespeare sound more romantic in Italian?

Back in the courtyard, once you’ve elbowed enough photographers to secure a spot in front of Juliet’s bronze statue, some smart alec or a middle-aged German bloke will suddenly jump in front of your camera and grope Juliet’s right breast for luck. This peculiar tradition, as bizarre as women rubbing the bulge in Victor Noir’s trousers at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, was probably started by someone with a fetish for cold shiny metallic objects.

Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona
Bronze statue of Juliet

Look around you at the people in the courtyard and try to ignore the souvenir shops with kitsch Romeo and Juliet memorabilia. The posers are taking their time on the balcony and the statue. The photographers are lined up at the back sighing in frustration. Young lovers are floating in heart-shaped clouds. Remember that you’re here in the romantic heart of Verona, and there’s one more thing left to do.

The dark tunnel through which you entered houses a collection of love letter on its walls, left for the secretaries of Juliet to answer.

Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona
Letters to Juliet

You are about to partake in the tradition and leave a note, after all, this holiday is to celebrate a milestone anniversary. You tear a piece of paper from your spiral notebook, enter your message of love and search frantically for a method to attach it to the wall. Tempted as you may be, don’t touch the blobs of chewed up gum used to secure love notes to the graffiti wall. Get creative, and you could share a bit of adhesive tape from another note.

Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona
Graffiti to Juliet

If you still find yourself propelled towards Verona in search of a little romance and you wish to visit Juliet’s house, here are some tips to maximise your enjoyment.

Tips to enjoy your visit to Casa di Giulietta

Letters to Juliet: Casa di Giulietta in Verona

  • Ten minutes make up ample time to view Juliet’s balcony from the courtyard and get a feel for the history.
  • Allow an extra five minutes if you want to take a photo of the balcony without someone, usually some annoying female posing on it, or a young couple in love who decide to read long passages from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and videotape themselves in the process.
  • If you’re very keen on photography, allow yourself another five minutes to photograph Juliet’s statue without anyone groping her and rubbing her right breast.
  • If you want to leave a note for Juliet, bring a pen, paper and some sticky tape to affix your note on the wall. Avoid using somebody’s chewed up gum as this will surely take the romance out of the moment.
  • If you’re visiting with your beloved, remember to share a kiss in the courtyard.
  • And best of all, leave your cynicism at the entrance.

Casa di Giulietta / Juliet’s House
Via Cappello, 23
(near Piazza delle Erbe)

Entrance to the courtyard is free.
Entrance to the museum – €4 (October 2009)
Most of Verona is closed on Mondays.


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  1. We loved Verona, too…in spite of Juliet’s house. 🙂  Too kitschy and crowded for us, but your advice would be a big help, if we’d waded in to brave the madness!
    We chose real romance over fiction, wandering the labyrinthine Giardino Giusti, gaping at the gold ceiling in the Church of Sant’Anastasia, strolling beside the Adige River, taking a rest at the Roman arena and watching roadies set up for a concert, then buying each other some flowers in the Piazza delle Erbe.  I know you guys would be right there with us.  (Sigh.)

    • Melanie, oooh… you know us so well! 🙂 That sounds divine! We went to Verona on a day trip and I felt we needed at least 2 days to enjoy it fully. I love the fact that you bought each other flowers!

  2. is there really a club who answers these letters jus like in the movie and how do they do it?

    • Judging by the way some of these letters and notes were handled, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were tossed on a daily basis!

      • My daughter got a letter back from “Juliet” today, after visiting more than six months ago. It was very sweet! I wonder how many people actually get responses to their letters.

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  4. Absolutely loved Verona and everything about it, a very pretty place and a bonus to be at Juliette’s balcony!

    • Hi Dianne and thank you for your comment – It’s a lovely town, isn’t it… I hope you had a little longer to enjoy it than we did. It deserves at least a few days!

  5. Hi Dianne,
    How can they be answered?
    What is there to answer to?


  6. is the letters to juliet club really exist i want to know i would love to give advice for my job..i want to know how you give this.. how do you leave a letter or can you still i would love to know.

  7. I never knew the wall of letters to juliet was real cause of the movie but now that I know,it is real and it exists. 🙂

    • Hi Christine – the wall is very popular with visitors, almost as much as Juliet’s balcony. I’m sure the movie made it even more popular!

  8. If i was to write a letter to juliet and send it through the mail if i had the address where to send it,would juliet write back to me through the mail if i left my address on the letter???

    • I doubt very much anyone would see them. People were moving the letters on the wall, even getting rid of them so they can put their own. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone cleared them out on a daily basis!

  9. The Juliet Club exists for real…it is a group of volunteers who have been replying to letters for over 70 years.
    As Corinne said, go to Juliet house if you like, spend there 10 minutes, the place is nice, but kind of touristy. There is much more to Verona than this.

  10. wow really wierd but people still believe in it!!!! i guess no one can judge cause even if you say you dont believe you still have a lil bit of hope it works!!!!!!!

  11. does the letters to Juliet exist?? i really wanna noe…. if it does, my dream place is Italy… i’m desperate to go there…. hope you’ll reply me back sooner or later… 🙂

    • It’s only a movie… all the letters that were stuck to the wall were being moved around to make room for more notes. Italy is still a dream place, regardless! I hope you get to visit soon 🙂

    • They do really answer, I just got my letter from Juliet. My sister went to Verona in September, I asked her to leave my letter since I was not going. Yesterday I got an answer to my email (March). I was very surprised!! and thankful for the beautiful letter Juliet wrote. the message was beautiful written by hand and scanned and sent it by email.

      • Ever since I saw the movie I wondered if it was true, judging by what you say I want to write my own letter and see if I too get a response.

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  13. Hi there im really intrested in this. For me its a precious peace of art. For the most part im a hopeless romantic and Italy has been a place ive wanted to go my whole life this place is tear dropping and a place to portray your thought to Juliet and wait for a response. But what id like to know is can i send a letter from five thousand miles aways and get a response from there to where i live?

    • Sorry Regina, it’s only a movie…

    • Regina, I’d just like to say, even though its been almost 5 years since you commented, that I think you should try sending Juliet a letter because then you’ll know that at least you gave it a shot. And if I were braver, I would send one as well, so I encourage you to do so if you haven’t already. Plus, I think what you said about Verona was beautifully worded. 🙂

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  15. hi, I was just wondering, if people actually get replies to their letters? if so, that would be really cool. ! (: please reply, ;D

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  18. I wonder how many of you actually know that the play ” Romeo and Juliet” was actually based on real people? My grade 10 english class is studying R&J. Its amazing at how much you can learn when you pay attention. I am going to Verona next march for a school trip and cannot wait to see this. It’s beautiful.

    • It is a beautiful spot, and although it’s touristy, it still has that charm about it. Enjoy your stay 🙂

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  20. hi,
    i think it is the faith and hope people have in love that makes them write these letters.i sure would like to write a letter and hope for an answer.. but the point is Verona seems like a beautiful place. i would love to visit it atleast once in my life time.

  21. wow i cant believe it actually exists!!! i love that movie and i really hope to visit italy soon, i love the story and history behind it all. reply soon please!!

  22. Julieta como tu encontraste en Romeo tu verdadero amor, has que pueda encontrar al mío AMORE… Un verdadero amor, un sincero hombre. Grazzie Nataly

  23. Hi Juliet,
    My niece went in Verone last April 2013, she brought my letter for Juliet,and she took a picture showing the letter arrive in that tree,i m a believer, we never know.Miracle happen too!


    Carole Masson

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  25. one of the best thing in the world. I too watched the movie and wrote to them asking if I could help to reply. I do not live there nor know Italian though.

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  27. Hi just wondering if u would possibly have the mailing address for some one to actually mail a letter to Juliet ??

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  31. I was wondering. Some of you have received answers from Juliet. Did you leave an address so they know where to send a reply?

  32. Two years ago I went to Verona with the woman who is now my wife… I wrote a letter and prepared it ahead of time… I brought a little piece of craft gum and while she was reading other letters I fastened it to a spot on the wall… I then asked her to come read this one and while she was reading it I had my 2 Carat beautiful diamond ring in the box opened… when she caught on that the the letter was to her she turned to kiss me and she saw me on one knee with the ring… it was both a scary and exciting proposal…. I will never forget it. I love Verona and I love my wife.

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