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Meet Your Japanese Barman: Asahi Beer Robot

It’s not every day that you get an invitation for a cold beer in a Japanese home. So when friends in Tokyo invited us for a couple of ales before dinner, little did we know who would be serving us.

Asahi Beer Robot

Meet Robo-san*, the Asahi Beer Robot.

So cute, you’ll be tempted to pat him on the head. He prefers it if you keep his belly full.

Asahi Beer Robot

He greets you with a gentle whir and extends his neck, popping a cold one out.

Asahi Beer Robot

With a dexterous grip, he tilts the chilled beer glass and gets to work.

Asahi Beer Robot

His eyes glimmer with excitement when he pours good beer head.

Asahi Beer Robot

He takes his job with pride, straightens the glass and ensures he gets the last drop out.

Asahi Beer Robot

And there you have it. Arigato Robo-san!

Oddities, maid cafés, high tech toilets, and beer pouring machines may leave you a little baffled and amused, but a beer robot is just the quirky companion you want to bring home from your visit to Japan.

~ ~ ~

* Robo-san is the name I have given him. At our friends’ home, he is simply known as ‘beer robot’ and has the words HON NAMA ROBOCCO on the front.


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  • Hey
    I’ve got the option of possibly buying a second hand one of these from japan. Do you have any idea what it’s worth? I think they’re brilliant!

    • Hi Neil – it’s a great one to have at home! Not sure what they’re worth. I can ask my friends in Japan and get back to you. They’re travelling at the moment and should be back home by the end of the weekend.