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The Stonehenge Experience

Landmarks around the world often evoke an unexpected reaction. You may have seen them in numerous photographs but nothing compares to the real experience. The first glimpse at the rock of Gibraltar from the Mediterranean sea, the striking norias of Hama in Syria or the peaceful bays of Cook and Opunahu in Moorea, each vision can stir emotions in even the weariest traveller.

Stonehenge is one such site. Situated about 8 miles north of Salisbury in Wiltshire, the mass of Bluestone, Sarson and Welsh Sandstone has its unconfirmed origins steeped in folklore. Undoubtedly, this is a contributing factor which makes it one of the top destinations to visit in England.

Stonehenge England

The drive through Salisbury plains to reach Stonehenge typified England for me. Drab and grey, bleary with muted colours, and that’s in the height of summer in July. When we finally reached it in the afternoon, I was heady with anticipation.

I looked up at the imposing rocks. I looked around the circular structure. I closed my eyes, allowing myself a moment to conjure up an emotion, any emotion, let alone a mystical experience.

Stonehenge England

But none came.

Stonehenge can elicit a reaction to some visitors while leaving others stone cold. For me, it was just a bunch of rocks.

Stonehenge England


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    • That would have been so much fun to see! We were surrounded by small groups who were quite lame in comparison to what you describe. UFO hunters would be my pick!

  • I haven’t yet been to Stonehenge but my dad absolutely loved his visit – funny how different and personal travel can be…his strong love for it is part of my want to see it 🙂 (he also jumped the fence at the permission of a guard and had the place to himself for 20 mins!)

    • I was very excited to see it… before we got there. Then nothing. Good on your Dad for asking! I’m sure it would have been a different experience without the masses.

  • I’ve never been to Stonehenge although it’s no so far away, as I put it in that category of ‘Tourist Trap’ as I understand you can’t get that close to the stones themselves. I think I would go to Avebury nearby which has smaller stones but at least you can get up close and touch them.

    • I don’t mind visiting popular sites, there are some that leave me rather emotional. I just expected some reaction here and got none!

  • Funny, but I expected to have an intense reaction as I looked up at the stones and walked around them. I was impressed, but there wasn’t any emotion. However, while waiting for my bus back to Salisbury, I walked partially down a road nearby, quite alone, that I felt something. Looking around, I could imagine scenes & people from the past coming to this place.