Top 10 Experiences in Alaska

1. Watching dozens of brown bears (some only metres from our viewing platform) catching leaping salmon (and fighting for the best fishing spots) at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park.

brown bears fighting

2. White-water rafting (with Class V rapids) at Six Mile Creek (which is neither a creek nor six miles from anywhere!!).

white water rafting Alaska

3. Kenai Fjord cruise, which in addition to numerous sea and bird life sightings, had spectacular scenery near the glacier as glacial melt produced a milky sea which gave a mirror like surface for fantastic photographic opportunities.

Kenai Fjord cruise

4. A helicopter trip to Goodwin Glacier for a genuine dog sled ride.

dog sled ride

5. Standing on an iceberg on the Arctic Ocean and experiencing midnight sunshine at Barrow.

Arctic Ocean iceberg

Arctic Ocean iceberg

6. Hiking and wildlife watching in Denali National Park.

Denali National Park

7. Viewing Mt McKinley (within Denali National Park). Mt McKinley is the tallest mountain in the world (not the highest, but the tallest when measured from foot to peak). It towers above the surrounding mountains and is truly spectacular.

Mt McKinley

8. The train trip from Denali to Talkeetna, with the scenery changing from tundra and -wide gravel riverbeds to tall forests and deep full rivers.

train trip from Denali to Talkeetna

9. Anan Creek Bear Observatory. Up close with Black bears. However the most impressive thing to me wasn’t the bears, but the huge number of salmon that filled the stream from bank to bank. Tens of thousands of them. Absolutely amazing.

Anan Creek Bear Observatory

Sardine salmon

10. Creek Street in Ketchikan. Picturesque historic buildings (mostly former bordellos) overhanging the creek (again, teeming with salmon).

Creek Street in Ketchikan

* All photos courtesy and copyright of Craig C. White water rafting photo was taken by Nova River Runners.

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  1. Alaska is just one of those places that makes me gush although I tend to neglect that area of the world. Hmmm, now you’re giving me ideas, will be in Vancouver next summer and it’s not too far away….

  2. Wowsers! Loved all the photos and experiences! It was always on my travel list, but I think you just bumped it up!

  3. excellent post, beautiful pictures, definitely now on my bucket list.
    regards Louis

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  5. Looks fantastic !!! I want to go . My friend stars in these photos and said it was a trip of a lifetime. Thanks !!!!!

    • Lovely! Those photos are inspirational, aren’t they! 🙂 Glad you’ve enjoyed the post and thank you for the comment 🙂

  6. If you ever head back to AK in the winter, look me up! It’s a totally different experience when you do it in the cold.

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