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Khan Al Nahasin: Coppersmiths Market in Aleppo

Tchak Tchak Tchak

That’s the sound of the coppersmiths at work as you approach Khan Al Nahasin, the copper market in Aleppo. Tchak Tchak Tchak. Your footsteps on the cobblestones echo their rhythm.

Khan Al Nahasin Aleppo Syria

The Aleppian khan or souk dates back to the 16th century when it was the epicentre of copper trade in the Syrian city, its environs and parts of the Middle East. Located some 800 metres away from Aleppo’s Citadel, it is made up of upper and lower parts that share similarities. A series of small shops and tiny workshops line up the souk, a traditional sight among shop keepers of the same trade.

Khan Al Nahasin - Aleppo Syria Khan Al Nahasin - Aleppo Syria

Upper and lower parts of the souk

We stop and watch a young craftsman at work, his young dexterous hands tapping away with a nail and hammer, creating intricate designs and geometric patterns.

Khan Al Nahasin - Aleppo Syria

Young craftsman at work

Khan Al Nahasin - Aleppo SyriaKhan Al Nahasin - Aleppo SyriaKhan Al Nahasin - Aleppo Syria

There are two kinds of copper with which they work. The red copper is mainly used in making cooking utensils such as pots and pans of varying sizes. The yellow copper is used in ornamental pieces used for decoration in the home.

Khan Al Nahasin - Aleppo Syria Khan al Nahasin - Aleppo Syria

Among what looks like bric-à-brac or unfinished pieces, you can find ornate incense holders, Arabian coffee pots and traditional coal irons at bargain prices.

Khan Al Nahasin offers an experience far removed from popular tourist sights and well worth the visit on a trip to Aleppo.


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