Moorilla Muse Wine: Adults Only Labels

This is the kind of wine label that grabs your attention. The one that stops you in your tracks as you innocently peruse a bottle shop for your favourite drop. Nude and erotic imagery. Entwined bodies in light and dark shades wrapped around a wine bottle.

Naturally, you do a double take.

Moorilla Muse Wine Label Moorilla Muse Wine Label

From Moorilla, one of the oldest wineries in Tasmania comes this seductive label with a different design on each varietal. Meant to portray the myths and cult of Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine, your mind inevitably plays tricks on you. You find yourself cradling the bottle in your hand, gently turning it as you pretend to read the label when in fact, you’re just studying the images.

The Moorilla Muse Series Riesling 2008 label featured below is citrusy and light, a pleasant wine to drink as a prelude to a romantic dinner.

Think Muse. An ancient mythical being. A source of inspiration. An alternative rock band. Now a wine label to add as a collector’s item.

Moorilla Muse Wine Label Moorilla Muse Wine Label

Moorilla Refined Wine
655 Main Road Berriedale
Tasmania 7011


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  1. If this ever catches on in Europe I could see those bottles easily becoming *way* over the top. In the US, these would probably never pass the censors!

    • That’s a shame. I can think of worse things that are available freely in the US than risqué wine labels. But I agree with Europe, I think they’d love them! 🙂

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