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Travel Souvenirs from Around the World: Tahiti

When you experience Tahitian paradise and become enamoured with its nature’s beauty, you inevitably want to bring its essence back home with you.

Monoi Tiare Oil - Tahiti

Monoi Tiaré Tahiti is an oil perfumed with the scent of paradise. Made according to traditional Tahitian methods, the Tiaré flower is macerated in coconut oil to extract its fragrance. The flower, which has a sweet scent is the emblem of Tahiti and is also known as the Tahitian Gardenia.

Monoi Tiare Oil - Tahiti

When Mr G and I had a traditional Tahitian wedding ceremony, I was rubbed with the Monoi oil as part of a pre-nuptial ritual. Its perfume has forever been associated with that romantic event.

Every time we visit Tahiti, whether we are staying in Moorea or Bora Bora with a stopover in Papeete, I always bring home the scent of paradise. The oil turns into solid when the temperature drops below 20 C but can easily be brought back to its liquid state in the sun. Each bottle has a dried Tiaré flower in the bottom, a memento to keep long after the last whiff of oil has been committed to memory.

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