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Marsala-Trapani Salt Route: Egadi Islands, Windmills and Salt Marshes

The pleasant drive through the town of Marsala is threatened by ominous cloud. I spot the street sign with the name of the town and I suddenly feel thirsty. This is wine country, and many a bottle of Marsala has been enjoyed in fine company.

Marsala Sicily

The coastline comes into view and a religious statue framed by a tall cactus plant catches my eye. This is Sicily, and by now I have grown accustomed to the omnipresent statues of saints and madonnas.

Tablet Inscription: Lavoro Eseguito da d’Aguanno Pietro 1980

Through a heavy blanket of cloud, the silhouettes of the Egadi Islands come into view. The archipelago is made up of three islands with Favignana, the largest of the three, Marittimo the oldest and the most distant and Levanzo, the smallest island.

Egadi Islands Sicily
Favignana (L) Marettimo (M) Levanzo (R)

The islands can be reached by hydrofoil and are known for bays and coves, transparent waters, and grottas with Paleolithic and Neolithic cave paintings. It takes 20 minutes by hydrofoil to reach Favignana and Levanzo, and an hour for Marettimo. But this is not a trip for today.

Egadi Islands Sicily

As the cloud shifts towards the islands taking the rain with it, salinas come into view.

Marsala Trapani Salt Marshes Marsala Trapani Salt Marshes

White hills of salt dot the seascape. These are some of the oldest salt marshes in the region of Trapani, an area renowned for salt production.

Marsala Trapani Salt Marshes

At Contrada Nubia in Paceco, there is a salt museum, Museo delle Saline, which celebrates the history of salt production using ancient methods.

Marsala Trapani Salt Marshes

Further along, the vista takes on more colour as windmills punctuate the skyline.

Marsala Trapani Salt Marshes

The colourful windmills are used to pump the sea water from the basins and grind the salt after harvest.

Marsala Trapani Salt Marshes

The coastline between the towns of Marsala and Trapani is a picturesque stretch of road.

Marsala Trapani Salt Marshes

There are small beaches, B&B accommodation and vineyards, making this part of Sicily a pleasant place to unwind and spend a spend a few days exploring the Egadi Islands.

Marsala Trapani Salt Marshes
Marsala-Trapani salt marshes


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