Breakfast at Relais Odéon, Paris

When it comes to breakfast in Paris, it’s easy to turn into a creature of habit. Hotel breakfasts and buffets may be convenient but unless you’re staying at the likes of Hotel Meurice, they don’t offer an ambience with your morning croissant.

Breakfast at Relais Odéon, Paris

Many starts to our Parisian day have seen us stroll to our favourite table at Relais Odéon. Situated on boulevard st-germain at the corner of rue de l’Ancienne Comédie and opposite UGC Danton cinema, this traditional brasserie set in a contemporary décor serves a Parisian staple, le petit déjeuner parisien.

Breakfast at Relais Odéon, Paris Breakfast at Relais Odéon, Paris

Refurbished in dark brown shades and mustard trimmings since our last visit, we note how the chairs and banquettes are so comfortable now that you want to linger over your café and watch the Parisians outside go about their morning ritual.

So what constitutes un petit déjeuner parisien?

Breakfast at Relais Odéon, Paris

There is a choice of hot beverages such as coffee (café), hot chocolate (chocolat chaud) or tea (thé). I always order a café crème, hot and foamy. Contrary to some beliefs, café crème does not have any cream in it and is in essence a cross between a cappuccino and a caffe latte.

Breakfast at Relais Odéon, Paris Breakfast at Relais Odéon, Paris

Jus d’orange usually comes freshly squeezed, served at room temperature with an ice cube in summer.

Croissant et confiture, a rich buttery and flakey croissant served with jam.

And a tartine, which is a thin baguette cut lengthways and buttered.

Breakfast at Relais Odéon, Paris

Our short stays in Paris wouldn’t be the same without starting the day in a St-Germain café whether we’re staying at Odéon Hotel or other favourites. Service is fast, attentive and always welcoming. Many plans for the day have been made over un petit déjeuner parisien, while dunking a buttered tartine into a café crème. Nothing like one of the simple pleasures that makes us feel as if we’ve become habitués of this enchanting city.

Relais Odéon
132 boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris
Métro: Odéon

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  2. Oh yes, this takes me back alright! I think I went here or somewhere very similar, definitely called Relais and off St Germian, on my last visit (lots of deep red booths and dark wood leading into a lovely arcade) and had the most amazing brunch with a patisserie trio. Gnomm!

  3. When I was in Paris for a holiday, I was a bit disappointed when the only choice we were given in a cafe for breakfast was a croissant or a tartine, not even with jam on it, just butter! I guess I really got used to the Aussie breakfast where there is so much choice: eggs, muesli, sandwiches… But I found myself quite enjoying the tartine, very simple but as the baguette was so good it didn’t need more than a bit of butter: hit the spot!

    • Funny the thins we miss. Would you believe the highlight for me is the tartine and cafe, no jam and no croissant? The only thing I crave occasionally is a good poached egg but I get my fix with the occasional omelette!