Saint and Sinner Wines: South Australia

Take a sassy idea, clever marketing with brand engagement, add a range of wines from Australia, and you have a concept with for an eye-catching label.

At last month’s Sydney Food and Wine Fair, we spotted a range of wines from South Australia. Saint and Sinner Wines drew our attention when the Saint, wearing angel wings, and the Sinner, in devil’s horns paraded past us towards their stall.

Sydney Food and Wine Fair 2010
Saint and Sinner Wines from Adelaide Hills

They explained that wine is often described the way women are characterised, so the people behind S&S took the idea further and developed a range of Calling Cards where each wine relates to a different woman.

Just like when you meet a woman and you wish to engage with her, every wine has a number that you can SMS to find out more information, get saucy images and special offers, thereby engaging with the brand.

Sydney Food and Wine Fair 2010

Saint and Sinner Wines: Pinot Gris from Tasmania, Syrah from McLaren Vale, Cabernet Sauvignon from Wrattonbully, Savvy Blanc and Pinot Noir both from the Adelaide Hills

As a leg man, Mr G had a taste of the “Assertive & Alluring” Mistress Pinot Gris, who promises “divine pleasure” on her Calling Card. Meanwhile, I had my eye on the “busty and ripe” curvaceous brunette who goes by the name of Syrah.

I’m not sure if this kind of marketing has a broad appeal but we were drawn to the fresh take on wine labelling and colourful packaging. After all, bringing a bottle of this wine to a dinner party is guaranteed to fire up conversations.

Sydney Food and Wine Fair 2010 Sydney Food and Wine Fair 2010
Saucy Labels from Saint and Sinner Wines



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  1. LOL! Quite a good idea. How did it all taste like?

    • To be fair, we didn’t taste under the best of conditions which is why I refrained from tasting notes. It was a hot day, the wine wasn’t very cold and tasting in little plastic glasses isn’t always the best way to judge a wine. But the Pinot Gris was pleasant to drink, and the kind of wine you’d enjoy sharing with friends in summer. Ms Syrah remained an elusive temptress 😛

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  3. That is one very cool marketing idea and it’s from my home state. Yay! I am totally a sucker for an interesting label so I know I would probably buy the whole lot!

    • I collect wine labels and bottles as well but one starts to run out of space. But there’s always room for swapping the old with new concepts like this one!

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  5. these look totally fun. I’m going to look them up on my trip there later this month. 20 days and counting! Did you try any of the good girl varieties?

    • Good girl? Haven’t seen any yet! 😉 However, there’s a Femme Fatale sparkling that I’d like to meet… 🙂

  6. fun – i was curious about the taste as well. I do like the telephone number where you can sms for more info – very marketing savvy!

  7. I agree, what a fun idea…& as you said, we’ll have to see about the staying power of such a concept, but the labels are certainly eye-catching & would definitely make for an excellent conversation piece at a dinner party – also think I might know a few French men who would love to get their hands on a bottle or two 🙂

  8. What a fun way to spice up their label. Such bright colors and saucy labels – no wonder you were drawn! 🙂

  9. Hi Thanks so much for the positive response to our wines, it was a fun day adn we are glad our cheeky wines got noticed. I would love to make a special offer to your viewers if that is ok??

    Cheers Renee@saintandsinner

    • Hi Renee and thank you for your comment. It was indeed a fun day and a good opportunity to showcase for your wines!

      I’ll email you re your question.

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