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Café Rallye Tournelle, Paris

Looking at the steam and bubbles from the cup of chocolat chaud before me, it was beyond any doubt the best hot chocolate I had in Paris so far. Of course, it did not rival Angélina’s famous chocolat chaud africain. But when my fingers turned to icicles and my brain froze from the cold snap in November, our unhurried stroll along the Seine past Notre-Dame de Paris turned into a race for the closest café.

Café Rallye Tournelle Paris
Chocolat chaud

Café Rallye Tournelle is located opposite Pont de la Tournelle, in very close proximity to the renowned restaurant, La Tour d’Argent and the Institut du Monde Arabe.

Café Rallye Tournelle ParisCafé Rallye Tournelle Paris
Interior of the café – Through the mirrors

Inside the colourful café that sells tobacco and displays pre-loved books, you feel as if you have ventured into a setting for a French movie. One occupied table soon vacates and we are the only customers left. Le patron, a convivial man is chatting to someone who is either a habitué of the café or a friend. Occasionally, a person of character drops in to buy cigarettes or ask for a café noir at the bar.

Café Rallye Tournelle ParisCafé Rallye Tournelle Paris
Edith Piaf by Grace Jones poster (L) – Menu ardoise (R)

Le Café Rally-Tournelle is also un café de Jazz, hosting soirées and performances by Jazz artists in the evenings. I can only imagine how lively and boisterous this tiny space can become.

For now, I am content with the warmth of the hot chocolate while watching the cute jeune homme through the mirrors serving customers .

Café Rallye Tournelle Paris
Café Rallye Tournelle

Café Rallye Tournelle
11 Quai de la Tournelle
75005 PARIS

Closest Métro: Jussieu or Cardinal Lemoine


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