Aerial Views of Dubai

Dubai can be a deceptive city. From ground level, you can mistake it for a conglomeration of tall buildings of architectural ingenuity, soaring with magnificence towards the sky. They stand in competition with one another, wooing the dazed observer as they ponder who is the tallest, fairest, and most majestic of them all.

Aerial Views of Dubai
Burj Khalifa in the centre

But when viewed from the air, Dubai takes on a more demure appearance.

Aerial Views of Dubai
Aerial view of Dubai with Dubai Creek in top right and Sharjah in distance

The skyscrapers only form part of  this Emirate. Flat land and distant haze are a reminder of the proximity to the desert. Dubai Creek in the top right almost sets an invisible boundary while the wide freeways that traverse the city resemble mere lines in the sand. Up in the distance,  Sharjah with its high rise barely competes against the desert backdrop.

Aerial Views of Dubai
Dubai coastline and the Arabian Gulf

These photographs were taken on the flight from Dubai to Sydney.

Aerial Views of Dubai
Dubai Maritime City and Port Rashid in Dubai

As the Emirates A380 plane veered away from the airport towards the Persian Gulf, the last chance to catch a glimpse of this captivating city ended with a silent promise to return for a longer stay.

Aerial Views of Dubai
Dubai high rise

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  2. So you’d return to Dubai? I’ve heard many mixed reports. Love the photos. It looks really weird with the high rises just in a strip. I always thought it was all high rise buildings.

    • Absolutely! We loved our stay and didn’t want to leave. There are so many things to do and experience beyond just shopping and tall buildings. For us, it’s a good place to stopover on the way to Europe and break a long haul flight, so we’ll definitely be back 🙂

  3. Wow, interesting photos! The first one looks like something
    from a futurist movie with the teal sea, haze, &
    skyscrapers rising from the yellow sand.

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