Season’s Eatings: Christmas Food Postcards

When it comes to photographing food at Christmas, the family is unanimous. “Hurry up before it gets cold” is merely a cover up for “put that camera away”. As a result, my efforts at capturing every dish at its prime are futile. I am merely afforded a few seconds before platters are shuffled, pretty plating is destroyed and food is dished up on individual plates.

Here is a selection of the best of Christmas food 2010. Among the missing notables, there was the elaborate turkey stuffing cooked with whole chestnuts and decorated with toasted pine nuts and almonds,  the adults-only alcohol doused Christmas pudding ice-cream and an elaborate game and port sauce to accompany the roast pheasants.

Christmas Food
Smoked salmon, capers and Spanish onion

Christmas Food
Christmas ham

Santa candles from the USA, from when Mr G was a tiny lad

Christmas Food
The cooked turkey, seconds before it was carved

Christmas Food
Jamie Oliver’s roast potatoes with rosemary

Christmas Food
Roast pheasants with butter, thyme and a sweet port sauce

Buche de Noel
Bûche de Noël made with ganache and Grand Marnier

Christmas Food
A lighter dessert alternative, summer fruit tarts

Christmas Food
Hand-made chocolate truffles

Christmas Food
Iced shortbread biscuits for the little ones

Christmas Food
Irresistible Christmas trees and boots

Our Christmas stockings

We hope you had a delicious Christmas!


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  1. Now, THAT’s what I call a Christmas feast! Looks awesome. Good job!

    Love those candles

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  3. Mmmmm, how I miss the Christmas ham in Turkey. And that
    photo has just made me yearn! Jamie Oliver roasters, too. You can’t
    beat them. We watched ‘Jamie’s Christmas’ on Christmas Day night.
    Both episodes. We’re getting old!

    • Nothing wrong with watching Jamie’s Christmas… beats all the fake shows we get presented during the season! Yes… must be quite rare to find any ham in Turkey. I wouldn’t miss it much but it would be nice to have during the holiday season!

  4. Yum!! You did a great job of “sneaking in” those shots –
    what a feast!! Have to say I love the Santa candles, reminds me of
    home, lol 🙂 Thanks for sharing a bit of your Christmas cheer
    & have a wonderful New Years!

    • I tried my best but some dishes didn’t make it! Aren’t the santa candle cute? They’re even more special that they date back to, ooh… last century! 🙂

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous meal! Love the fruit tarts and the
    pretty decorated cookies.

  6. kudos to the chef! looks lovely….and a lot more homey and delicious than our Christmas meal in just about the only restaurant that was open in oslo on Christmas night. (where the most Christmas-y ting was the reindeer on the menu)

    • Thanks, Forest, though Christmas in Oslo sounds a lot more romantic than a hot one in Sydney! But reindeer for Christmas??

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