Wedding Degustation Menu

A wedding rarely goes by without friends or family asking us to be their photographers. There is something special when a couple about to be joined in marriage entrust you with capturing memories of their special day.

Over the years, we have been official photographers, back up photographers or just the couple waving cameras in front of invited guests – a role we enjoy as we set about the task of immortalising the day the bride and groom say ‘I do’.

Wedding Degustation Menu
Wedding cake detail

When our friends C&S asked us to be the back up photographers on their wedding day, we decided to take it a little further. C&S are no strangers to Gourmantic and Degustinations, and we have shared a few memorable dinners out in recent weeks. They have given me permission to share photographs of the food and drink from their wedding reception.

Wedding Degustation MenuWedding Degustation Menu
Gin and ginger cocktail – Close up of wedding cake flowers

After the church ceremony, the reception was held in a private residence in the northern suburbs. Guests were treated to a Degustation menu with private catering.

Wedding Degustation Menu

The bubbly was plentiful on a day where Sydney’s humidity sky rocketed. Hand-held paper fans and umbrellas provided on the day provided momentary relief from the soaring temperatures.

Wedding Degustation Menu
Cocktails, orange juice and wines

A refreshing cocktail of gin, ginger and lemon juice was served, as well as a range of wines, beer and soft drink.

The event was privately catered in an open plan kitchen which gave me the opportunity to observe and photograph the food before it was served.

Wedding Degustation Menu
Traditional Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam and gravy

Wedding Degustation Menu
Buckwheat blinis with smoked salmon

Wedding Degustation Menu
Close up of the popular smoked salmon blini

Wedding Degustation Menu
Paté en croute with cornichons

Wedding Degustation Menu
Chilled watercress soup with crème fraiche and croutons

Wedding Degustation Menu
Grilled figs in proscuitto with sage and goats cheese with orange glaze

Wedding Degustation Menu
Fragrant lemongrass prawns BBQ’ed on skewers

Wedding Degustation Menu
Moroccan infused chicken on skewers, hot and spicy served with a mint sauce to cut through the heat

Wedding Degustation Menu
Spiced pork on green leaf – an addictive mix of flavours and textures

Wedding Degustation Menu
Lemon sorbet with Vodka – a refreshing palate cleanser before the main dish

Wedding Degustation Menu
Perfectly poached ocean trout in court bouillon served with an apple potato salad (not shown)

Wedding Degustation Menu
Cucumber, yoghurt and dill salad – an accompaniment to the trout dish

Wedding Degustation Menu
Chocolate mud cake (wedding cake) with a decadent framboise ice cream

Wedding Degustation MenuWedding Degustation Menu
Macarons and bubbles – life is good

Wedding Degustation Menu
Cheese board with triple cream cheese, blue cheese, aged cheddar – served with a 42 year old port

Wedding Degustation Menu
Draytons Port – 42 years old – cloudy, sweet and concentrated and rather potent, perfect with the aged cheddar and blue cheese

Wedding Degustation Menu
Tim and Aranka Nolan of the Einstein Group Caterers

Wedding Degustation MenuWedding Degustation Menu
Sugar almonds and bonbonnieres

Wedding Degustation Menu
The wedding cake

Wedding Degustation Menu

The Degustation Menu card

The mark of a successful even is when guests don’t want to leave. Despite the uncomfortable humidity, the day flew past thanks to a wonderful company, elegant surrounds and delectable food that was served at the right pace and the hospitality staff who moved around effortlessly ensuring glasses were always topped up.

The wedding reception was held in a private residence. Catering by the Einstein Group and Hospitality by Who’s Waiting.

Congratulations to C&S on starting their married life together.

Catering: The Einstein Group
Contacts: Aranka and Tim Nolan
Mob: 0419540104

Hospitality: Who’s Waiting
Contact: Josef Kovacevic

Cake: Glenda Borg
Asquith, NSW 2077


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  • The food looks amazing. Great photos. I want one of those Swedish meatballs right now, followed by spiced pork on green leaf…and then I’ll just work my way slowly through the rest! 🙂

    • That spiced pork was delicious. Easy to eat a few while sipping a cold one! Glad you liked the photos 🙂

  • As if my stomach wasn’t already growling! Some Moroccan chicken, smoked salmon blinis, figs & prosciutto, and a lemon sorbet with vodka please. Everything looks wonderful and the cake is so elegant. I’m already looking forward to the next wedding you photograph. Very well done.

    • Everything on the menu was delicious but the soup which wasn’t to my taste. And I won’t divulge how many Vodka sorbets I had… 😉

      Thank you for the compliment 🙂 This was the first time I photographed the food at a wedding. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it!

  • Thanks for capturing the ‘taste’ of our wedding! 🙂 Lovely to have friends with the same passion for food as us!

    • Thank *you* for letting us be part of your special day! And for letting me share the foodie side of the wedding on Gourmantic 🙂 We had the best time!!

    • Thanks Cathy 🙂 It was truly a perfect day – apart from the high humidity which had everyone melting, but not the food!

  • Looks absolutely wonderful – what a spread! And no wonder you get asked so often to photograph these weddings…there are some fantastic shots here!
    And sign me up for some of those buckwheat blinis – delicious!

    • Thanks Tuula! It’s quite an honour to be asked, and a bigger honour when the couple like what we deliver 🙂

  • The very elegant cake was by the very talented Glenda Borg, Asquith near Hornsby. I thought credit was due.

  • I’m a sucker for weddings too. Like yourself I’ve been asked to help in a few and was my besties’ wedding planner. There’s a joy in seeing two people in their happiest moment and celebrating with the people who are dearest to them. Enough of the sappy comments and off with the food. Honestly, if I attended the wedding…the Grilled figs in proscuitto with sage and goats cheese with orange glaze would not see the light of day. Cos I would have just gobbled them all after snapping a pic. Gorgeous!

    • I think your photo/comic style would be unique for a wedding 🙂 I did a bit of gobbling myself after someone asked if I was eating or just taking photos!