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Australia Day in Photos: Beaches, Thongs, Flags and Food

Author: Posted on: January 26, 2011 at 11:40 pm

On Australia Day, January 26, the nation commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Port Jackson in 1788. But for many of us, it’s an occasion to celebrate the birth of our nation by doing something quintessentially Australian.

Australia Day
Bondi Beach in the fog

We flock en masse to our iconic beaches.

Australia Day

We stick our Southern Cross flag all over our cars.

Australia Day
Coogee Bay Hotel

We hang giant thongs on our pub balconies.

Australia DayAustralia Day

We drape our bodies with the flag … and tell the world we’re AUSSIE.

Australia DayAustralia DayAustralia Day

Our men can be hunks… or just good Aussie larrikins.

Australia Day

We slap on fake tattoos…

Australia Day

or go for the real ink down our sleeve.

Australia DayAustralia Day

We’re aren’t afraid of wearing Speedos.

Australia DayAustralia Day

And love telling the world that we’re Aussie and we’re proud.

Australia Day
Havaianas Australia Day Thong Challenge – Bondi Beach

We take to the water in giant inflatable thongs, attempt to break a world record and win. (See photos of the2011 Havaianas Australia Day Thong Challenge)

Australia Day

Or just celebrate a humble Australian icon.

Australia DayAustralia Day

We even wear our Southern Cross cossies… and fly the flag on our heads.

Australia Day

And dress our dogs in patriotic garb.

Australia Day

Our esky is never too far away.

Australia Day

We love to eat our Vegemite… not just ‘for breakfast, lunch and tea’.

LuxBite Asutralia Day Macarons
Vegemite on Toast, Chocolate Freckles, Caramel Slice and Rocky Road macarons with the colours of Australia from LuxBite of Melbourne (photo courtesy of LuxBite)

Our talented patissiers create an Australia Day Collection of macarons to celebrate our national day.

Australia Day
Kangaroo and Salt Water crocodile pizza from the Australian Hotel in the Rocks

We put our ‘roos and salt water crocodiles on pizza. That’s why you won’t see kangaroos hopping along George Street in our CBD ;)

Australia Day

We put lamb on our barbies…

Australia Day

… and love our seafood on a hot summer’s day.

Australia Day
Australia Beer: James Squire, Rogers, Blue Tongue

And drink boutique Aussie beer not just VB and Fosters.

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!


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She is a winner of the GT travel writing competition, has judged the Australasian Whisky Awards for 2013 and several cocktail competitions. She is also named in the Australian Bartender Most Influential List for 2013.

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14 Comments to “Australia Day in Photos: Beaches, Thongs, Flags and Food”

  1. Aww, great photos, Corinne. We were only saying this morning, what is Australia Day. Now we know! Watched all the fireworks on tv this morning whilst watching the tennis in Melbourne. You Aussies don’t do a bad firework display either! :)

    • Gourmantic says:

      The fireworks would have been great to see! But we were too zapped from a day in the sun watching the Havaianas Australia Day Thong Challenge at Bondi Beach, a swim later, afternoon drinks then a BBQ with friends! Now where’s the weekend…

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  4. Looks like a lot of fun, and that seafood platter looks beyond scrumptious! Happy Australia Day (a little late, but it’s still Jan 27 in California) :-)

    • Gourmantic says:

      That seafood platter was at a beachside pub. We caught up with friends and had a few drinks before taking a much-needed swim!

  5. Tuula says:

    Wow wow!! This looks like tons of fun…I really love this post. Love how you narrated it with the photos & did an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere – I LOVE the flag *everywhere*..such a great way to celebrate.
    And ps. Those really are some Australian hunks, hubba hubba.. as we would say in the good ‘ole US :)

  6. Krista says:

    I love this post SO much, Corinne! Especially now that I know what an Esky is!! :-) I left Australia on Australia Day, but I left with Aussie shirts and a hat and all manner of paraphernalia to remind of how much I love this place, and how I can’t wait to move there. :-)

  7. G says:

    Really cool post! Good job it was fun reading it

  8. Chris says:

    Wow, you have photos of everything from Aussie Thongs to steak on a Barbie to Aussies living it up. A very nice collection.

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