The Gibraltar Mosque

Small countries often have a fascinating history that evokes a natural curiosity. Gibraltar, the rock country, was once known as Mons Calpe. Occupying at a strategic position at the juncture of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it has seen the Greeks, the Phoenicians and the Romans occupy its shores over the millenia.

When the Moors invaded Europe, the Berber chief Tarik Ibn Zeyad took over Tarifa and moved on to occupy Mons Calpe. He renamed it Jebel Tarik (he rock of Tarik) which is how Gibraltar derived its name.

Gibraltar Mosque
Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque during construction

Located at southernmost tip of Gibraltar is the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque. A generous gift from the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia , the imposing building was built for the Moroccan workers and caters for the Moslem community. The mosque also houses a library, a lecture hall and a small school house.

Seen above just prior to its completion, the mosque was inaugurated in July 1997 and is a popular site to see against the backdrop of the rock.

Gibraltar can be easily reached by land from the south of Spain or by ferry from Tangiers in Morocco. Day tours cover the major sites including the ascent to the top of Europa with spectacular views that let you see down to the Gibraltar airport runway, but we would have preferred an overnight stay to see more of this country that gives the impression of being equally British and Spanish.

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  2. It looks pretty isolated, is there anything around or is it by itself for a particular reason?

    • It’s away from the main drag but it occupies a great location facing the sea. I’d love to see it again now that the construction is over – it’s a photogenic site.

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