Adriano Zumbo SBS Documentary and Macaron Day

When the first episode of Adriano Zumbo’s 6 part documentary aired on SBS tonight, we sat glued to the TV in anticipation of an appearance. Mr G and I were at the Balmain patisserie on Macaron Day 2010 when parts of the documentary were filmed.

Zumbo Documentary
Camera Crew in front of Adriano Zumbo patisserie in Balmain

But it was not our faces on television that we hoped to see. Or a glimpse of the Zumbo Lab on Macaron Day.

Zumbo Documentary
Interviews in progress

The queue on Macaron day was slow moving and we struck a conversation with a group of Americans in front of us. Heather from There’s No Place Like Oz, who I did not know at the time, lined up with her parents and a friend. I even took a photo of them which Heather posted here.

As the queue inched forward, Heather was interviewed by the TV crew. Naturally, we ducked out of view of the cameras and took some behind the scenes photos as she charmed them with her No Macaron Left Behind mission.

Zumbo Documentary
Heather is interviewed, while ‘someone’ snaps her photo

Zumbo Documentary
This is the snap

Heather’s interview made the cut in tonight’s documentary, and in our excitement at seeing her on television, we almost missed a flash appearance that included Mr G and I.

Zumbo Documentary
Screen shot of Heather from Zumbo, SBS Documentary (credit SBS)

The episode can be viewed online here with Heather’s interview around the 22 minute mark. As for the Gourmantic appearance on the documentary, that will remain as elusive as Zumbo’s golden macaron!

Zumbo DocumentaryZumbo Documentary
Filming inside Zumbo’s Patisserie


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