Love, Lust and Romance in a World of Travel and Food

Where does one look for romance on Valentine’s Day?

Love Lust Romance
Is it in front of the Hotel Danieli in Venice?

Love Lust Romance
Away from the giant billboards in Piazza San Marco?

Love Lust Romance
In a stolen moment in the back alley near Calle del Ridotto?

Love Lust Romance
Or in the wandering hands of an Italian stallion?

Love Lust Romance
Perhaps love can be found among giant columns in the town of Vicenza.

Love Lust Romance
Or in a note left on Juliet’s wall in Verona.

Love Lust Romance
You find it in a loving embrace on a Lake Como ferry ride.

Love Lust Romance
Among the autumn colours in Bellagio,

Love Lust Romance
And in view of snow-capped mountains along the shores of Lago Como.

Love Lust Romance
Love can be expressed in many languages.

Love Lust Romance
It can be in felt in the touch of a hand at the Amélie café in Montmartre.

Love Lust Romance
Or in the swirl of an aged Armagnac at le Jules Verne on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Love Lust Romance
Lust can be tasted in a spoonful of Petrossian caviar

Love Lust Romance

And in a mouthful of foie gras, about to be hand-fed.

Emmilou Tapas Bar Surry Hills
It can strike like a Cinq à Sept encounter at Emmilou in Sydney.

Love Lust Romance
And capture your heart like an Adriano Zumbo heart-shaped macaron or ganache chocolate heart.

For me, romance is in an impromptu kiss I once had in Paris. Held suddenly and thrown back, Robert Doisneau style, in a long and amorous kiss in front of the façade of Notre-Dame de Paris.

~ ~ ~

What is your most romantic travel and/or food memory?


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Corinne Mossati

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  1. Oh, what a lovely post! Have chills from all the photos…such pretty expressions of l’amour. I have so many nice memories from living abroad, but would have to go for sharing a night-time kiss in front of the Colosseum…now that’s amore 🙂
    Happy Valentines day Corinne!! xo xo

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  3. Great pics– perfect for Valentine’s Day! Did you set out to snap romantic couples on your travels, or did you realize later that you have so many shots on the theme?

    • Hi Leslie – It first struck me in Venice when I saw so many couples around me kissing, so I continued the theme without a clear idea what to do with it, until I thought of writing this post. I found people to be very passionate in expression, and I love that about Europe!

  4. The perfect Valentine post! Such fabulous photos of romance! Mine was a night in the Caribbean, at the end of a dock, under a moonlit sky. Hope your Valentine’s Day was the most romantic yet! 🙂

  5. lovely post…happy VDAY Mr. G and Corinne

  6. I’m in love with the picture of the couple kissing in front of the wall of many languages. Happy V-day to you and Mr.G!

    • That couple wouldn’t move! In the end, I decided to frame the shot to include them and it turned out to be my favourite from the series I took. Happy V-day to you too 🙂

  7. Aww, lovely post for Valentine’s Day. As for your question…no idea. That’s a cop out isn’t it?!

  8. Yes, a perfect post for Valentines. Love all the photos, especially the ones of Lake Como. My most romantic travel memory, or maybe just the most recent,is an evening embrace in a tower perched above the Mediterrenean Sea.

  9. What a perfect Valentine’s post. My favorite romantic food memory: my husband getting dinner for me at my favorite college restaurant and bringing it up to his dorm room with candles and a picnic on the floor, when we first started dating about 13 years ago.

  10. What a sweet post! The emotion really comes out in each and every one of these pictures. Let’s see… sipping sangria followed by strolling through the narrow streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Sevilla is up there on the romantic memories list.

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