Greenhouse by Joost, Sydney: A Photo Tour

Greenhouse by Joost is the latest pop-up restaurant that sends an eco-friendly nudge across Sydney. Designed by Dutch-born architect Joost Bakker from Melbourne, the restaurant/art installation is built out of recycled materials and promotes sustainability and a waste-free philosophy.

We briefly reviewed Greenhouse by Joost on our other website after we dropped in to the Campbell Cove location for an impromptu coffee.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

Greenhouse by Joost with the Sydney Opera House and the Aurora from P&O Cruises

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

Side view of Greenhouse by Joost

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

Three containers are annexed to the structure.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

The façade of the containers is painted with images of butterflies and children.

Open cut walls in the building provide harbour views.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

The entrance to the restaurant is lined up with potted strawberries.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

Dizzying environmental messages are painted in black on the walls.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

The chairs are made  from leather offcuts stretched over irrigation pipes. The floor is made from recycled conveyor belts.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

Coffee is served in glass jars complete with latte art.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

Colourful kegs of water, beer and wine.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

The unisex amenities are located upstairs.

Greenhouse by Joost SydneyGreenhouse by Joost Sydney

(L) Much like the toilets in Japan, a tap on top of the toilet tank used for washing hands drains into the cistern for the next flush. (R) The doors are made from trestle tables.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

Tea lights illuminate the amenities in the evening.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

The rooftop bar with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge…

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

… and the Sydney Opera House.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

A herb garden on the rooftop surrounds the bar.

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney

“Imagine a building that grows food.”

Greenhouse by Joost runs until the end of March in Sydney before it goes on a European tour to Milan, Berlin, Budapest and London.

Greenhouse by Joost
Campbells Cove
Sydney NSW

Edit: Gourmantic had the opportunity to attend the Greenhouse by Joost Finale Party with Stix Catering which took place on March 28, 2011.


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  3. Awesome photos. Can’t wait to drop in on the weekend!

  4. How fabulous are these photos!! RT @Gourmantic: Greenhouse by Joost A Photo Tour #sydney #photo @greenhousejoost

    This comment was originally published on Twitter.

  5. What a great idea and a fantastic-looking place. That style of design really appeals to me. Lucky people in the cities where it will be touring!

    • I’m looking forward to seeing how and where it will be located around the world, and the type of food and cuisine they will prepare!

  6. Nice selection of pics. For some reason I’m not at all interested in visiting this temporary restaurant. Maybe because of the overexposure?

    • I find temporary installations, by their nature, get a lot of exposure and that’s not a bad thing in this case. Seeing it is well worth the hype and exposure it is receiving from the media.

      I enjoyed my time there, albeit brief, and if time permits, I’d like to go back there to eat and have a few drinks on the rooftop bar 🙂

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  8. I LOVE this, except for the environmental messages scrawled across the walls. The in-your-face-ness about that part will turn some people off which is the problem with sustainable development and environmentalism. But many great ideas for reusing materials, I’d love to visit!

    • My reaction to the messages was a little different. I felt it had a more urban/artistic graffiti feel to it so I didn’t think it was in my face to the point of overload. And I do take your point that some people might find it confronting. Normally, I’d react by ignoring it but not this time.

      Besides, there is so much to observe while you’re there that the thick writing is just another feature 🙂

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