Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch Party

Teasing. Tempting. Titillating.

That’s what you would expect from a menu that apologises in advance for occasional nudity.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Open Emmilou’s tri-fold menu with a sexy woman on the front then avert your eyes. The nudity between the covers assails your senses with a photo of a large dude with overhanging man boobs. Look beyond the ghastly image, and you find yourself totally tempted by a selection of Pinchos, Tapas, Bigger Bites and a sexy Tasting Menu matched with cocktails or wines.

Alluring, cheeky and provocative. At Emmilou Tapas Bar, it is about having fun.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Inside the converted terrace in Surry Hills, the party is in full swing. The occasion tonight is the launch of the new menu as well as celebrating the birthday of Emmilou’s Chef and Owner, Chris Cranswick-Smith.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

The restaurant is cleared of the central tables and ghost chairs allowing beautiful people to mingle with ease while some elegantly lounge on the terrace. The music is a little familiar from our last visit with the sound of Sade, upbeat rhythms and French singer Camille with her popular song, Ta Douleur.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

The bar area is transformed into a tapas bar reminiscent of hot, late nights in Spain with guests helping themselves to a selection of dishes that tempt the eye and the palate.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Chris is behind the bar, greeting every guest with his delightful charm and the warm welcome you experience at Emmilou. Dressed in a black chef jacket, a striped apron and party hat might seem a little understated for such an occasion, until you take a closer look.

Emmilou Tapas Bar Menu Launch

Tonight, it’s not only the menu that is showing a bit of cheek.

Emmilou Tapas Bar Menu Launch

The entire Emmilou team, including Chris, are wearing tight Teamm8 underwear, matching the fiery red colour of the restaurant’s décor.

Beer, Cider and Wine

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

The bar has been relocated to the verandah and there’s a good selection of beer, cider, cava and wines from Spain, France, Argentina and Australia.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
Cider and Beer: Escanciador ES Cider, Rosita d’Ivori and Estrella Galicia

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
White wines and rosé from Spain, France, Riverina and Argentina

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
Red wines from Spain, Argentina and the Barossa Valley

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

I check for potential pirates in their underwear before I make a less adventurous selection. I choose to stick with one drink and pick the 2009 Mocen Verdejo from Rueda in Spain. Mr G opts for the 2009 Les Jamelles Sauvignon Blanc from France. Both wines are very pleasant to drink while enjoying the wonderful company of Alvin Quah from Masterchef, Brian, Judy and Denéa from Gourmet Rabbit.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
Judi Craven, Alvin Quah (Masterchef), Denéa Buckingham (Gourmet Rabbit) and Brian Long

Pinchos, Tapas and a Taste of Spain

The menu at Emmilou is inspired by the time Chris spent working in and around the Basque regions of Spain and France.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
Aceitunas – marinated olives with lemon and rosemary

The offerings tonight include a combination of bar snacks, tapas and pinchos (pintxos in Basque) that remind you of San Sebastián in the north-east of Spain.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Jamón is difficult to resist, particularly when it is thinly-sliced and lying seductively on a wooden board with sourdough bread and olive oil for company.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Sobrasada plays on one’s curiosity with its deep, rich colour and paste-like consistency. Made of minced chorizo with honey and white pepper, it packs strong spicy flavours that are not overly sweet from the honey.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Anchovies can be divisive but not these Boquerones, or Spanish white anchovies with crispy garlic chips. Served with bread to mop up a little of the oil, they can easily be savoured on their own, as I did, which is testament to their flavour that doesn’t assault the palate.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

The presentation of Calamar, or baby squid posing languidly alongside ‘shrimp butter’ and gremolata has you picking up a piece with your fork and and studying the content. Stuffed with cooked red cabbage and what looks like chick peas, the chargrilled squid is very tender and flavoursome.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

The seared blue eye trevalla, or Bacalao, with angled skewers has ‘pick me up’ written all over it. Lightly seasoned on the outside, the fish is moist, not overly flaky and served with dried bacalao and asparagus.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
Pimientos Rellenos

Pimientos mean peppers in Spanish, and the allure of these potato and crab croquettas reminds you that beauty is not just skin deep. Look beyond the crunchy texture and you see that the red peppers are stuffed with potato and crab then dressed with grain mustard. As with all things beautiful, it leaves you longing for more.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Hiding beneath shredded apple coleslaw is Cerdo, pork belly that has been slow-cooked for 16 hours. Tender and moist, this is a comforting and satisfying dish. Like big bear hug from your best male friend, it makes you feel good all over.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Ensalada is a reminder that some things sound better in Spanish. Language aside, this mixed leaf salad with citrus dressing and crispy onion rings is an enticement to eat your green leafy vegetables.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Not originally on the menu, Gambas, or prawns served with gremolata and crisp eschallots made a short-lived appearance as the plates were quickly emptied.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
Emmilou’s Churros with Chocolate and Rum Sauce

We finish with Churros, light and crispy, served with a silky and sensual chocolate laced with rum – a richness you want to indulge in, alone or in special company, guilt-free, with the aid of a spoon.

If the selection of dishes presented tonight is designed to impress and entice you for more, then it has delivered. Reading through the rest of the menu, there are many temptations such as Huevos, the crispy quail eggs with celery salt and corn, Calabacines Tempranos, stuffed zucchini flowers with goats cheese and truffle honey and to finish, stuffed cigars with toffee apple foam and burnt orange, guaranteeing a return to Emmilou.

Emmilou Tapas Bar Menu Launch
Unisex toilets and restaurant lights

Cocktails at Emmilou

After playing it safe with wine, I am in the mood for something new, strong that has vibrant energy. With the recently launched cocktail list that includes Emmilou Staff (are hot) Favourites, there are many temptations on offer.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu LaunchEmmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
Emmilou Staff are Hot

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
Zach mixing my cocktail

I leave the decision up to Zach, the Bar Manager, and watch him at work as he stirs Don Julio Reposado Tequila over ice with Pedro Ximinez sweet sherry then serves it straight in a coupette with an orange twist.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
Tequila and Raisin Martini

The result is a Tequila and Raisin Martini that delivers a strong kick and ends with lingering warmth.

Private Chef Solutions

Over the course of the evening and with a glass of Cranswick ‘Saurus’ Shiraz from the Barossa Valley, I take the opportunity to chat with Chris about his other business venture. I learn that there is more to Private Chef Solutions than what the name implies with private catering.

Chris Cranswick Smith - Emmilou Tapas Bar Menu Launch
Chris Cranswick-Smith – Emmilou Chef and Owner

Just as I discover on the evening, Emmilou is an experience. And that is exactly what Private Chef Solutions delivers. It brings the Emmilou brand to a client’s chosen venue, combining food, drink and a cocktail bar with a party ambience, customised music playlists and all the fun and professional energy from the team including Chris himself – a private Emmilou experience wrapped up in a great package.

The Emmilou Team

As the party winds down, I am pleased to have met Chris’ team, a group of dedicated individuals whose energy and enthusiasm for their work  made the event into a memorable evening.

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch
The Emmilou Team (L to R)

Dave Kynaston (Boutique Argentinean wine importer and casual employee), Karl Burton (1st year apprentice chef), Ryan Christopherson (section waiter and regular face), Liam Dooley (Restaurant Manager), Chris Cranswick-Smith (Chef and Owner), K (sous chef), Jib (newly appointed Head Chef and long term employee) and Zach McGill (Bar Manager)

Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch

Gourmantic attended the Emmilou New Menu Launch Party on Wednesday 30 March 2011 as guests of Chris Cranswick-Smith.

Emmilou Tapas Bar
413 Bourke Street
Surry Hills Sydney NSW 2010


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  2. An amazing write up of Emmilou Tapas Bar’s new menu launch on Wed is POSTED!… http://fb.me/wtIqHyzz

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter.

  3. Woo, racy! I’d say Emmilou definitely pulls off a sexy experience. Gorgeous food!

  4. Everything looks fabulous, I could almost feel the taste of those Pimientos Rellenos!

  5. Great post! I was a little bummed I couldn’t make it, but reading this makes me feel better. 🙂 I had a quick look at the new menu online yesterday, but it doesn’t look that different from the old menu. It looks like there are a few additions and other dishes have been tweaked slightly. I was expecting all new dishes. 😉 Will go back one day to try it out for ourselves.

    • Thank you! And I’m glad my review made up for it, Joey 🙂 It was a lot of fun and the evening went so quick. As for the new menu, the prices have come down and I’m glad it wasn’t totally revamped or I would have missed out on what sounds like some great dishes!

  6. LOVE the food photos! RT @Gourmantic: Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch Party http://bit.ly/gYr9Fv #food

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter.

  7. Craig Stapleton

    I had some fabulous sexed up cocktails there in January on a lovely evening in Darlinghurst but
    wish I was with you for the tapas and canapes. The Sobrasada, Jamon, Boquerones,
    Pimientos Rellenos and Gambas look scrumptious and must take my wife Emmilou next week.

    • I’m sure you’d both enjoy it. Definitely a place to go back to! I might have to borrow your ‘sexed up cocktails’ for a future post! : )

  8. Looks and sounds absolutely fabulous! Wish we could have been there to taste what appears to be very ‘moorish’ food and drinks! Maybe next time 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m pleased that I was able to convey that impression in the article. As I said in my first Emmilou review, la prochaine fois… next time 🙂

  9. petitfranceblog

    Emmilou Tapas Bar New Menu Launch Party http://www.gourmantic.com/2011/04/01/emmilou-tapas-bar-new-menu-launch-party/ via @Gourmantic < what a bash #foodie

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter.

  10. You’re killing me with these food photos, ahh! What a fantastic party…and not too bad-looking people either if you ask me 🙂 Do you have somewhere on your site what camera you are using? Think I gotta get me one! Bon weekend 🙂

    • It was a top night, and yes there were some very beautiful people there, and a bit of passionate kissing going on – just like they do in Europe! 😉 The ambience was great and that had a lot to do with the the Emmilou team and the guests themselves. As for the food photos, they were a sistraction while writing the review!

      Mr G did most of the photography with a brand new Canon 7D, new lens and external flash. I’ll email you the details if you like 🙂

  11. Not sure about pantsless people serving me food… at least they weren’t tighty whities… :S

    • Oh I didn’t mind one little bit… but I didn’t notice it immediately (and should have!) until someone pointed it out. That is all I will say in a public forum 😉

  12. Cheeky post, Ms G! With the right amount of playfulness throughout, including the food review. I like your style 😉

    • That was exactly my intention, to write a playful review that matches the tone of the event. Thanks for the compliment, Martin. And yes, it was a pleasure to write it 🙂

  13. I think this post perfectly fits with the title of your site, “Gourmantic”. Such emotive writing.

    The colours! My deity, what a sight of food. Looks like the kinda place I should visit when next over that way.

    Of course, I would never use a Laphroaig bottle for a candle, and I thoroughly disagree with the “King o’ Drinks” quote. 🙂 Quarter cask is truly the ruler.

    • Thanks Andy – that’s quite a compliment. Yes, you definitely should!

      The Laphroaig bottle was in the unisex amenities. I just had to sneak in a shot! But I won’t argue with you on Scotch… 🙂

  14. Looks like another great night at Emmilou.
    The tapas and cocktails all look absolutely mouth watering.

    Fabulous presentation, even the staff look yummy!!!
    Good job boys.

    You can almost taste the food , great pictures and article Corinne.

  15. Haha just when I thought I couldnt drool any more, I saw the Churros! It all looks so delish. And the staff arent too bad either 😉

  16. Looks like a fun place, and a fun night. We had a Tapas bar in the groovy end of town once, but everyone there wore pants. They didn’t last long. Kinda makes me think…

  17. As someone else said above ‘you’re killing me with the food photos!’ Even before i read the comment i was thinking “Her pictures are getting better than ever”

    I LOVE cheeky little events like this with fun people and excellent food and drink!

    • It’s a winning combination, and the sort of thing you still talk about after the event!

      I’m very pleased you’re liking the food photos! I can’t speak highly enough of the new camera equipment but I also credit Mr G who took a lot of these photos 🙂

  18. Went there last week. Great food and cocktails with a chillout vibe. Top spot to take someone you want to impress.

    • Hi Mark – That is exactly what someone told me when I mentioned Emmilou! He took a girl there he was wanted to impress… and they had a great time.

      Thank you for your comment.

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