The Many Faces of Gregos in Paris

Next time you’re strolling along the streets of Paris, keep your eyes peeled for a face sticking out from behind the walls. Quite often, you’ll see the visage painted in various colours, wearing a smile or with a tongue sticking out.

Gregos - Montmartre Paris
Gregos – near Place Dalida

It’s not the statue of Le Passe-Muraille, the man who can walk through walls, but the lifelike face of Gregos, the artist behind this form of graffiti come street art.

The faces are glued to walls or structures and depict the moods of the artist. According to his website, there are more than 220 faces in Paris alone, so keep an eye out for this collection.

Gregos - St-germain, Paris
Gregos – near blvd st-germain

The two faces shown in the photographs above were spotted in different locations in Paris. The colourful face was seen near boulevard saint-germain while the ‘hard as steel’ face peered from behind a wall in Montmartre, near Place Dalida.


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  1. What a very cool idea! I think I am gonna plaster my mug around town this coming weekend… 🙂

  2. How cool is that! And great idea to become known around Paris!

  3. fun. I’ve seen the one on montmartre…but i didn’t realize there were so many more pasted around town. Will keep my eyes open for more!

  4. John in France

    This is so cool. I must look closer when I walk around!!

  5. Now this is interesting, & more than a bit creative, how did I miss these? Have to lift my head out of the pastry windows next time we hit Paris, lovely!

  6. Would be fun to go on a hunt for them all!

  7. What a quirky and fun thing to do! I will definitely keep my eyes open for more next time I’m in Paris. 🙂

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