Abbesses: Paris Métro Station for Montmartre and Amélie Fans

If you’re travelling to Paris and you’re a devoted fan of the movie Amélie, you can’t go past visiting the métro station Abbesses. It is your gateway to exploring Montmartre on foot and ambling along unfamiliar cobblestone paths that lead you into discoveries.

Abbesses Paris Metro Station
Entrance to Metro station Abbesses

General Information
Abbesses station is on Line 12 of the métro in the 18eme arrondissement, running in the directions of Porte de la Chapelle and Porte Versailles. The station was named after the abbesses of the nearby Dames-de Montmartre abbey and it is one of the deepest stations in Paris at nearly 36 metres.

Abbesses Paris Metro Station
Direction Porte de la Chappelle

Abbesses Paris Metro Station
Direction Porte de Versailles

With its art nouveau Guimard-style entrance, it boasts one of the most photogenic entrances to the métro.

Abbesses Paris Metro Station
Art nouveau awning

The highlight of the station’s interior is the series of murals that line up the long spiral staircase. Renovated in 2007, the interior has a fresh look which unfortunately gets covered with graffiti. For those who cannot manage to climb the odd 200 steps to rue des abbesses, there is an option to take the lift but you miss out on seeing the artwork by local artists. The staircase was featured in the movie, Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain.

Nearby Attractions
Since Abbesses is your entry point to Montmartre, there are several nearby attractions. They are too many to list here but you can find Le mur des je t’aime located just behind the métro entrance at Square Jehan Rictus, Place des Abbesses. Sacré-Cœur is mere minutes away to the funiculaire railway which takes you to the top of the basilica. You can use your passe navigo découverte on the funicular railway. Café des 2 Moulins, or Amélie’s Café, is at 15 Rue Lepic and don’t forget to visit the three remaining windmills of Paris, the Moulin Rouge, Moulin de la Galette and Moulin Radet.

The art nouveau entrance is one of the most photographed of the métro stations and attracts an ebb and flow of people. Be a little patient if you are after the perfect photo. If you would like to photograph the murals inside the station, allow plenty of time as it can get busy along the spiral staircase with the influx of passengers, particularly if you would like your own private Amélie moment.

Photo Gallery
Abbesses Paris Metro Station
Art nouveau entrance

Abbesses Paris Metro Station
Historical plaque

Abbesses Paris Metro Station
Murals at métro Abbesses

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station

Abbesses Paris Metro Station
Hector Guimard Plaque

Abbesses Paris Metro Station
Access to Abbesses Plaque

Abbesses Paris Metro Station
‘La Pub’ – advertising inside the metro station

Abbesses Paris Metro station

The Kiss

This article is part of the ongoing series Paris Métro stations aimed at inspiring the enjoyment of this public transportation system. In the series so far: Bir-Hakeim, Cité, Cluny-La Sorbonne, Arts et Métiers, Europe.


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  1. Great photos and wonderful artwork on the walls!

  2. The first photo of the entrance almost makes me long for Autumn! Lovely artwork along the stairs, helpful tips for taking photos! 🙂

  3. I’ve never noticed those frescoes before, it’s a beaut for sure.

  4. Oh, the photos are lovely. I don’t think I’ve been to this Metro – I’m sure I would remember it because it is indeed one of the most picturesque ones I’ve seen. Enjoying this series Corinne!

    • When we were there in 2006, it was closed for some refurbishment so I made sure to see it last time. And I’m so pleased I did!
      Thanks Tuula 🙂 I’m enjoying putting together this series!

  5. This is a gem of a place! To take a photo of the entrance with no people in it is quite an achievement! Your last photo “The Kiss” is adorable!

    • I waited for some time for that photo, with Mr G giving me ample notice if someone was coming. Cute kiss, isn’t it? I was waiting for them to move out of the way when it happened!

  6. This is a metro? What a lovely place….yeah, now that you mentioned Amelie:)
    Ahhh, Paris, the city of love, it is a beautiful place to visit!:D
    I’ve always hated graffiti and how people can pollute art with them…though some of them refer to graffiti as an art of form too:p

    • The Paris metro stations are quite interesting, you’ll see if you stick around with this series 🙂 And I agree, some graffiti is art and I enjoy it but defacing other artists’ work like here is just vandalism!

  7. Well, I had my doubts that you’d be able to do it, and was certain it wouldn’t be with your first post in the series, but you’ve changed my mind and inspired me to brave the Metro the next time I’m in Paris. Absolutely beautiful photos, and love the historical and “in the area” information you give.

    • That is quite high praise then, thank you Kathy 🙂 I’m hoping to inspire others during their trip to Paris with the visuals and useful info. Maybe you can tell me which one is your favourite metro station by the end of this series 🙂

  8. Oh, love, love, love that station. My pet hate that really annoys me is graffiti!! A shame people spoil great work. I can see how the stairs would become blocked with people taking photos. I would be one of them if I was there.

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