Piano Room: Departure Lounge to Spain

“Please make your way to the Departure Lounge. Our destination this evening is Spain. Our flight time is as long as you want it to be.”

Piano Room Departure Lounge Spain

For the last eight weeks, the Piano Room has been playing host to event nights, transforming itself into a Departure Lounge and gateway to a different country right in the heart of Sydney’s Kings Cross.

Hosted by Fashion Palette and Eat Drink Play, the 10-week event is held on Thursday nights and takes boarding pass holders to Mexico, Japan, Zimbabwe, Morocco, France, Old England, Spain with Lebanon and Brazil as the upcoming destinations.

Piano Room Departure Lounge Spain
Lounge area

Located under the iconic Coca Cola sign, the Piano Room pays homage to its red light district locale with ultra dark interiors and red lighting.

Piano Room Departure Lounge Spain
Main bar area

The black marble bar and columns add a touch of class as do the prowling cats near the second bar. Bird cages at the rear of the centrally placed piano are lit up with thick candles.

Piano Room Departure Lounge Spain
Wild cats around the second bar area, bird cages

We sit by the bar and observe the parade of people. At just after 6.30 pm, the venue is packed on one of the busiest nights. A predominately young female clientele floats by. There is the odd couple to be seen but tonight seems to be the domain of girlfriends chilling on a night out together.

Piano Room Departure Lounge Spain
Boarding passes, cocktails and Flamenco dancer

Boarding passes ($15 pre-purchased or $20 at the door) which are handed out on entry by hostesses add a nice touch to the travel theme. Each pass entitles the holder to two cocktails, a themed ‘chef’s plate’ and live entertainment. Tonight’s cocktail is Casablanca, a mixture of white wine, orange juice, strawberries and green apple topped with lemon squash. It’s a little too sweet and fruity for my taste and comes served in plastic glasses, which I take to be the norm here.

Piano Room Departure Lounge Spain
Cocktails and Flamenco dancer

The music is a mix of modern and classic Spanish tunes which add to the buzzy ambience  until Flamenco rhythms begin to play with the arrival of the dancer. Her energy and sensual moves take me back to hot steamy nights in Andalucia.

Piano Room Departure Lounge Spain
Chef’s plate

The chef’s plate, prepared by the Piano Room’s chef, is a tasty potato croqueta, chicken and peppers on a skewer and two mini churros with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar –  finger licking and moreish.

Piano Room Departure Lounge Spain

The Departure Lounge is a fun concept bringing vibrant themed nights with an international flavour to Sydney. The venue is easily accessible and once you hold your boarding pass in hand and your eyes are accustomed to the dark, you’re in for an enjoyable night that rekindles your passion for travel.

Piano Room
1 Bayswater Road
Potts Point, 2011


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