ABSOLUT Elyx Preview and Taste Test

ABSOLUT ElyxABSOLUT Elyx. The name alone evokes curiosity and mystique. Much like the limited release ABSOLUT Tune, the shape of the bottle deviates from the standard early Swedish medicine bottle that has long popularised the brand. Copper-coloured etchings on the glass denote the use of hand selected grains and copper for catalyzation in distillation. But, what of the taste?

To put the ABSOLUT Elyx to the taste test, we tried it threefold.

1. Sipped neat at room temperature, then compared with ABSOLUT Vodka
2. Sipped neat after being chilled in the freezer, then compared with chilled ABSOLUT Vodka
3. In a dry Martini, using chilled ABSOLUT Elyx, stirred with a dash of Noilly Prat

The ABSOLUT Elyx is clear in colour with brilliance in transparency. On the pour, it has a little more viscosity. The nose has more character compared to the regular ABSOLUT yet we could not detect any specific aromas easily, perhaps due to the type of grain used. On the palate, it has a silky texture and a purity with a neutral flavour. The Elyx is incredibly smooth, with a longer and slightly sweeter finish which makes it a warming vodka to be sipped slowly.

The ABSOLUT Elyx had more flavour at room temperature than chilled in the freezer. The smoothness and creamy mouth feel are the standout characteristics along with the purity in taste.

It makes a very smooth dry Martini with a silkier feel in the mouth compared to the spicy notes and the rougher finish in the ABSOLUT Vodka. Not a Vodka to be used in mixers, where the luxuriance is diluted.

As an accompaniment to food, it would go well served in a shot glass with decadent seafood, caviar, tuna sashimi, seared scallops and lobster dishes.


ABSOLUT Elyx has not yet been released in Australia. Thanks to a frequent traveller friend who brought back a bottle, we were able to give it a taste test.


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Corinne Mossati

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  1. Sounds like Absolut are moving into the premium vodka range.

    I want your travel “friend with benefits” 😉

    • It certainly reminded me of more premium vodkas I’ve had before. Like I said, I wouldn’t use it in mixers but then I’m big on Martinis!

      My “friend with benefits” spoils me indeed 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to try it! I LOVE Absolut Vodka. Do you know when Australia gets it?

    • I think early in 2012 but I’m not 100% certain.
      I have also seen it advertised in a duty free catalogue recently but can’t remember which one…sorry.

  3. I don’t drink a lot of vodka so i haven’t noticed if this is out here yet. Where did the person bring it to you from? like the bottle shape!

    • I need to check again but I think it was Duty Free, from Singapore or Hong Kong… not too sure. I wonder if the shape of the bottle will make it to other ABSOLUT products.

  4. e essa absolut elyx vai me fazer sonhar essa noite http://bit.ly/sjgSML #wishlist

  5. Its available now at Duty Free in Sydney – picked up a bottle myself yesterday. Its the best priced of the “premium” vodkas.. but it remains to be seen if it can run with the big boys like Belvedere or Grey Goose.

    • Good point Jarrad. I think pricing will have a lot to do with it. It will be interesting to see how it fares once it is released to the general Australian market next year.

  6. Hi Guys, ABSOLUT ELYX will be available in Australia from February in 2012. You’ll find it in select high end bars across the country for an exclusive time until May when it will be available in retail. stay tunes to our Facebook page for more info. facebook.com/absolutau

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