Masterchef Live 2011 Highlights, Moore Park Sydney

Masterchef Live returned for 2011 at the Hordern Pavilion and the Royal Hall of Industries in Sydney’s Moore Park. Running over three days, the highly publicised event gave fans of all ages the opportunity to see their idols, be it the show’s hosts, guest chefs or contestants from all the previous seasons.

Masterchef Live 2011
George Calombaris, Chef and Masterchef Judge

Dubbed as “the ultimate foodie’s event”, there were free demonstrations and masterclasses to participate in but much like the Good Food and Wine Show, long queues to see proved to be a challenge, class sizes were very limited which resulted in a few disappointments.

Masterchef Live 2011
Justine Schofield (series 1) and Hayden Quinn (series 3)

On show was Hayden Quinn cooking his moules et frites with Justine Schofield as his co-host. Vincent Gadan from Patisse gave cake decorating tips and there was some fun and madness from Gary Mehigan with Miguel Maestre whipping up churros y chocolate. Kate Bracks did a mystery box challenge with two members of the audience.

Masterchef Live 2011
Gary Meaghan, Chef and Masterchef Judge

A host of exhibitors was on hand to show their food stuffs, wines and cooking implements such as Croquembouche Patisserie, bread from Sonoma Bakery and Adriano Zumbo‘s new book. Brasserie Bread held artisan baking workshops with Matthew Brock.

Masterchef Live 2011
Chef Peter Gilmore of Quay

Masterchef Live 2011
Chef Miguel Maestre

But for avid fans of the show and the young, it was a matter of spotting their idols and mentally ticking names off their list: Kylie Kwong, George Colombaris, Gary Mehigan, Miguel Maestre, Peter Gilmore of Quay, Kate Bracks, Hayden Quinn, Justine Schofield, Simon Lawson of Agape Restaurant, Jay Huxley, Vincent Gadan, Isabella and Sofia Bliss among others.

Masterchef Live 2011
Vincent Gadan of Patisse

Masterchef Live 2011 ran from 7 to 9 October. Tickets cost $30 for adults and $23 for children.

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Masterchef Live


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  • I have to say Iwas pretty disappointed. Its my first time this year and the structure of the classes was pretty offputting and it seemed to be more geared towards the Junior Masterchefs. Ok after reading this back I sound a little Bah Humbug lol but whatever

    • It was my first time as well, and we took our 11 year old foodie nephew. He loved it but was rather annoyed that things were geared to younger kids. He also missed out twice on getting tickets to the Patisse cake decorating classes. They just gave them out at random after Mr G queued for an hour to get them (!). I don’t think you sound Bah Humbug. After wasting time in queues and standing up for hours, we all had enough, including my nephew!

  • I imagine it was very difficult to get a seat! Such promotion of “cooking” to both young and old is a wonderful thing! I would have loved to have been there – but don’t give me a mystery box!!!!

    • It was disappointing in that respect. I’m not patient with queues, an a lot of time was wasted waiting for one thing or another. But it was worth if for my nephew’s sake. No mystery box for me either!!