Night Noodle Markets 2011: Crave Sydney

The Night Noodle Markets returned to Sydney last night. The popular Crave Sydney event sees Hyde Park transformed into a hawker-style market with a range of Asian cuisines.

Night Noodle Markets
Entrance to Night Noodle Markets

There’s food from renowned restaurants and eateries such as Mamak, Longrain, Din Tai Fung and St Honoré Cake Shop and a lot of temptations from other stalls as you walk around the park. Mamak has with the longest and slowest moving queue but watching them flip roti makes the time pass a little faster. A glass of wine in hand also help.

Night Noodle Markets
Scenes from the first night

Three bars serve Coopers beer, Chambord cocktails, mineral water and Brown Brothers wine but if you order a Prosecco to enjoy with your pandan chicken, make sure you’re not given a sparkling Moscato instead.

Arrive early and you may just secure a table and watch darkness descend over the park as you tuck into your pork buns. Stay a while longer, and watch the moon peek from behind the trees, floodlit in vibrant colour.

Sydney nights are still a little cool but chilling out with friends at the Night Noodle Markets is an experience you’ll want to repeat.

Night Noodle Markets
Dragon dance

Night Noodle Markets
Coopers sustainable beer garden

Night Noodle Markets
Twilight over Hyde Park

Night Noodle Markets
 The bar

Night Noodle Markets
DJ in a tin shed

Night Noodle Markets
Queuing for food

Night Noodle Markets
Flipping roti at Mamak

Night Noodle Markets
Pork buns from Chinese Dim Sum King, Spring rolls, Pandan Chicken from Mamak Village, Salt and pepper calamari from Seafood and Eat It

Night Noodle Markets
Roti canai (front) and Roti telur (back) from Mamak

Night Noodle Markets
Sweets from St-Honoré Cake Shop

Night Noodle Markets
Sydney at night

Night Noodle Markets
Moonlight over Hyde Park

Night Noodle Markets

Night Noodle Markets

The Night Noodle Markets run on weeknights on October 10-14 and 17-21, 2011 between 5 and 9 pm.

Crave Sydney


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  1. That looks amazing! I seriously think I might come over from Christchurch (where I now am)! A bientot!

  2. What a fun way to taste the food from many different restaurants. Crave Sydney certainly seems to have put on some great events.

    • There’s so much to choose from this year and many have sold out early, like the Calle to Cavern event. Night noodle markets are always popular and a lot of fun. If only the weather would warm up a little!

  3. The illuminated beer garden looks rather lovely.

  4. That pandan chicken looks awesome! Cant wait to go down this year. Its always well worth it

  5. I just knew there were going to be many foodie pics in this post to tempt me – and I was right. Salt and pepper calamari for me, please.

  6. fragrant chicken wrap in pandan leaf, fab snack for kids.
    others, roti telor is my fave food from this stall, with a dollop of sweet anchovy jam *thumbs up*

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