It’s a Rematch Beeyatch! at the Standard, Darlinghurst

“This is the bastard son and idiot brother of the much talked about “It’s a Rematch Beeyatch UK”, and the beautiful thing that was Mr Myagi’s mixological mayhem.”

It's a Rematch Beeyatch!

It’s a Rematch Beeyatch took place on Sunday 13 November 2011 at the Standard in Darlinghurst, the same venue that recently held the 2012 Time Out Bar Awards. Organised by bartenders for bartenders, the competition is without sponsors and a $50 entry has the winner taking out all the money as a cash prize.

It's a Rematch Beeyatch!

Each round had two bartenders competing against the clock, with each round made up of  2 Daiquiri, 1 Caipirinha, 1 Mojito, 1 Pina Colada, 1 Zombie, 1 Cuba Libre, 1 Planter’s Punch, 1 Mai Tai, 1 Beer and 1“BRAP” upon finishing. Competitors had to provide their own music or they’d be rocking out to the Benny Hill theme tune.

It's a Rematch Beeyatch!

The fun and frantic event was streamed live around the globe. Congratulations to the winner Luke Redington of Eau-de-Vie Bar for setting the new world record of 2:05.

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Photography by @MrGourmantic.



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