Emmilou Tapas Bar 4th Birthday Party

She’s provocative and unpredictable. She can be quietly serious at times then she can slap you around with her wow factor. Emmilou, the sexy Surry Hills Tapas Bar on Bourke Street turned four years old. And to celebrate, she put on a “Corsets and Bow Ties” birthday bash.

Emmilou's 4th Birthday Party

“She” is deemed to be female but one can’t help but think the party theme is an excuse for her male staff to see hotties squeeze into tight corsets. After all, this is what you come to expect from a cheeky place that integrates nudity with a new menu launch and has faisons l’amour avant de nous dire adieu* scrawled on a prominent wall.

Emmilou's 4th Birthday Party Emmilou's 4th Birthday Party
Erin Marshall and Reese Szabo from Take 2                                        Tequilas

Drinks and nibbles, live entertainment from Take 2‘s Erin Marshall and Reese Szabo, sparkling conversations with friends and guests topped with some fine Tequila to toast Emmilou’s birthday were some of the highlights of the evening.

Emmilou's 4th Birthday Party

There were a few corsets, and some creative bow ties but even with a suggestive bed set up in an intimate part of the restaurant, we can’t help but think the fun loving girl is turning a little shy. “Pirates are so last year and we are clearly so much more mature these days” had the male complement of staff dressed in conservative garb.

Emmilou, we’ve known you for a while now since the Salt Book launch. We had a cinq-a-sept liaison during your Happy Hour Cocktails. We perved at your men in red underwear at the new menu launch in March. We had a blind date and loved the surprise preview of your spring menu. You wooed us with your Calle to Cavern pop-up dinner during Crave Sydney, and you even gave us an “unforgettable first time” with Chris Cranswick-Smith who started our interview series. We may poke fun at your unisex toilets, roll our eyes at the absence of promised nudity, but you reel us back every time with the premise of good times.

But Emmilou, all this talk of maturity and getting older isn’t becoming you. Age being a number is a tired cliché that not even the best Tequila can remedy. So come closer and I’ll tell you a little secret. Shh… You’re only as young as the man (or woman) of your fantasies.

Happy 4th Birthday Emmilou!

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Emmilou Tapas Bar
413 Bourke Street
Surry Hills Sydney NSW 2010

With much thanks to Chris Cranswick-Smith and the fabulous Emmilou team for having us at the birthday celebration.

* let’s make love before saying saying goodbye


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  1. Looks like a fun party! But why didn’t the men wear corsets AND bow ties?!

  2. “You’re only as young as the man (or woman) of your fantasies” – Gold!!

  3. I feel like I know this really well, now. Looks like it was a fun birthday bash! 😉

  4. Had a great time. Thank you for amazing photos and great article.

    This comment was originally posted on Facebook

  5. love it – such a fun write up on this one! And having read about your other events at the same place, i too like their cheeky side and don’t want them to get too mature for a bit of irreverant fun.

    • Thanks Forest. It’s one of those pieces that just flowed and I really enjoyed writing it. As you said, it made me realise how much Gourmantic has been associated with Emmilou this year. Good times!

  6. fun, non-generic write up that totally gives me a real feel for Emmilou and her place. And yeah, according to this I need to develop a new crush: “You’re only as young as the man (or woman) of your fantasies,” but today’s my wedding anniversary (25 yrs) and the DH is older than I am. Will check back in 🙂 And btw, I want a pop up dinner.

    • Thanks Margo! I didn’t think I’d get any comments for this write up… The age statement I made is my mantra going forward! 😉

      Happy anniversary to you both!!

  7. Looks like a fun place to be, especially with all those tequilas!

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