Bir-Hakeim: Paris Métro Station Near Eiffel Tower

Bir-Hakeim is a Paris métro station that you are most likely to use on your visit the Eiffel Tower.

Bir-Hakeim Metro
Entrance of  Bir-Hakeim Métro

General Information
Located in the 15ème arrondissement, the station is on the left bank of the Bir-Hakeim bridge over the Seine.

Bir-Hakeim Metro

Bir-Hakeim station was originally called Quai de Grenelle until 1949, when it was renamed in commemoration of the Battle of Bir Hakeim in Libya.

Bir-Hakeim Metro

The station has one line, Line 6 running in the direction of Charles de Gaulle – Étoile to Nation.

Nearby Attractions

The station is located above the RER C line and the Tour Eiffel is within walking distance. You’ll also find the Australian Embassy nearby.


This metro runs above ground level over the Seine affording you a view of the Eiffel Tower. Keep an eye out for a commemorative plaque at the entrance of the platform when travelling in the direction of Nation.

Photo Gallery

Bir-Hakeim Metro
Battle of Bir Hakeim plaque

Bir-Hakeim Metro
Distant view of Bir-Hakeim bridge, where the metro runs on top

Bir-Hakeim Metro
Close up of Bir-Hakeim bridge at night from the Bateaux Mouches

Bir-Hakeim Metro
Pont Bir-Hakeim with la Tour Eiffel Light Show

This article is part of the ongoing series Paris Métro stations aimed at inspiring the enjoyment of this public transportation system. In the series: AbbessesArts et Métiers, Cité, Cluny-La Sorbonne, Europe.


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  2. I rarely get off at this station but I take this line almost every day – and it is such a nice view of the eiffel tower. Every day i pass and think “wow…i’m lucky to have a commute with such a view!”

    • You are lucky, indeed. It’s one of my favourite views too. People must think I’m mad pointing a camera in metros but can’t help myself…

  3. Great night shots. Should take a closer look at metro stations next time I’m in Paris.

    • Thanks Sam. So much to see in metro stations if you’re there outside of peak rush of course!

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