Global Rematch Beeyatch Sydney 2012: Pelicano, Double Bay

It’s a Rematch Beeyatch, the unsponsored bartender competition went global in 2012 with seven cities around the world participating in the event.

Global Rematch Beeyatch Sydney

The inaugural “It’s a Global Rematch Beeyatch” had bartenders competing against the clock to make 2 Daiquiri, 1 Caipirinha, 1 Mojito, 1 Pina Colada, 1 Zombie, 1 Cuba Libre, 1 Planter’s Punch, 1 Mai Tai, 1 Beer and 1“Brap” upon finishing.

Ten bartenders in Sydney competed in the event including world record holder Luke Redington (2:05). Judging the competition were Ben Shipley, Myffy Rigby, Rossco Charman, Andy Penney, John Gakuru, Marco Faraone and Jared Plummer.

The results for Sydney (including the penalties):

Andres Walters: 1:43 + 17:5 = 2:00
Luke Redington: 1:55 + 10 = 2:05
David Beatty: 2:07 = 2:07
Tom Price: 2:44 + 15 = 2:59
Diato Sakamaki: 1:59 + 10 = 2:09
Tom Bulmer: 2:28 + 5 = 2:33
Reece Griffiths: 2:11 + 10 = 2:21
Jono Carr: 2:40 + 5 = 2:45
Ben Taouss: 3:04 + 15 = 3:19
Jay Jay Karanouh: Broken glass – Disqualified

Global Rematch Beeyatch Sydney
Andres Walters – Sydney winner 2:00

Congratulations to Andres Walters for winning the Sydney leg of the competition.

Global Rematch Beeyatch Sydney was held at the swanky new venue, Pelicano, 24 Bay St, Double Bay, Monday 14th May 2012.

Update: Bobby Hiddleston of London’s Milk & Honey broke the world record with a time of 1:29

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