Yarra Valley Caviar Launch at Cloudy Bay Fish Co

Yarra Valley Caviar launched its premium line of First Harvest Salmon Pearls at an intimate event held at Cloudy Bay Fish Co.

Yarra Valley Caviar
Yarra Valley Caviar at Cloudy Bay Fish Co.

This premium product, which is part of the 2012 caviar harvest, is obtained from young salmon which are just three years old and have never been milked before.

Yarra Valley Caviar
Yarra Valley Caviar Classic

Yarra Valley Caviar is a boutique aquaculture farm in Victoria with a strong belief in the humane treatment of fish and long-term sustainability of the river. The salmon is anaesthetised with clove oil, gently massaged by hand then placed in a recovery pond, before they are returned to their earthen ponds until the following year.

Yarra Valley Caviar
Yarra Valley Caviar: First Milked

After milking, the caviar is taken as it comes from the salmon and brined on site using Murray River pink salt flakes and organic sugar, and packaged in 40-gram traditional tins. No antibiotics, hormones or chemicals are used, and the fish is given plenty of space to move which results in plump, soft roe that pops in the mouth with a clean and fresh flavour.

Yarra Valley Caviar
Yarra Valley Caviar

In addition to its premium line, Yarra Valley Caviar also produces an award winning caviar that had some 50,000 salmon  individually hand-milked for this year’s harvest.

Yarra Valley Caviar
Chandon sparkling

Guests at the launch were treated to Domaine Chandon sparkling wine and a tasting of the Classic Caviar, First Milked and the Arctic Char served on blinis with Pepe Saya crème fraiche.

Yarra Valley Caviar
L-R: Jules Crocker (JOTO Fresh Fish), John Susman (Cloudy Bay Fish Co.), Andrew Boyd (Martin’s Seafoods)

Yarra Valley Caviar
L-R: Pierre Issa (Pepe Saya), John Susman (Cloudy Bay Fish Co.), Nick Gorman (Yarra Valley Caviar)

yarra valley caviar

Yarra Valley Caviar is served at Cloudy Bay Fish Co. Level 5 Westfield, with traditional accompaniments and a glass of Domaine Chandon.

Yarra Valley Caviar

Cloudy Bay Fish Co.
Level 5 Westfield
Sydney NSW 2000


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