Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Launch at the Diamant Hotel

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label launched in style with a chic soirée at the penthouse suite of the Diamant Hotel and the twinkling lights of Sydney as backdrop.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

A sensory experience awaited invited guests that went beyond tasting the exquisite 18 year old blended Scotch whisky. Three bar stations were set up within the penthouse suite, each representing three Australian bars which crafted signature cocktails.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Inside the penthouse of the Diamant Hotel

After a welcome address by Tim Salt, Managing Director of Diageo Australia, Sven Almenning, owner of Eau-de-Vie Bar led the tasting of the premium blend.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Tim Salt, Managing Director Diageo Australia

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is created from single malt and grain whiskies, each have been matured for a minimum of 18 years. The complex blend carries the tradition of John Walker & Sons where he began crafting exclusive blends for favourite customers and directors of the business.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Sven Almenning, Owner Eau-de-Vie Bar

The Johnnie Walker Platinum Label reflects the sweet and elegant style of Speyside whiskies. There are notes of stewed fruit, citrus, honey and vanilla with subtle smoke on the finish. It is best savoured neat, with a few drops of water to open the flavours.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

The Roosevelt Re-fashioned – Phil Gandevia from The Roosevelt

Phil Gandevia from the Roosevelt prepared the Roosevelt Re-fashioned. Johnnie Walker Platinum Label is stirred over ice with a honeycomb infusion of the Platinum, with Apricot Brandy, Honey Water and a dash of Dandelion and Burdoch bitters.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Phil Gandevia (Dr Phil)

The drink is served in a tumbler with an apricot ice ball which gives it flavour as it dilutes.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Liquid Nitrogen

In true Roosevelt theatrical style, the cocktail is finished with a touch of liquid nitrogen to chill the drink.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
The Roosevelt Re-fashioned

The Roosevelt Re-fashioned highlights the citrus and the stewed fruit flavours of the whisky.

The Knight of the Realm – Neilsen Braid from Rockpool Bar & Grill

Neilsen Braid from Rockpool Bar & Grill prepared The Knight of the Realm cocktail, an homage to Alexander Walker who was knighted in 1920.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Neilsen Braid

The cocktail is made with Johnnie Walker Platinum Label, cobbled cider and fresh lemon juice to balance the flavour and a dash of Bokers bitters.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
The Knight of the Realm cocktail

Egg white is added and shaken to give body and creaminess to the drink before it is topped with a non-vintage champagne and served with grated nutmeg making it an elegant cocktail.

Zeta’s Signature Serve with Michael Tomasic, Zeta Bar

Michael Tomasic from Zeta Bar created Zeta’s Signature Serve, made with Johnnie Walker Platinum Label over peat-smoked ice, infused with star anise, vanilla and freshly cut grass – and served with a side of hand-made Platinum Label infused chocolates.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Michael Tomasic

Guests were encouraged to take a piece of grass, rub it in their palms and sniff it to open the palate. Essence of freshly-cut grass was then sprayed on the grass, 60 ml of Johnnie Walker Platinum Label was poured into a glass with lemonade ice, star anise then covered with a cloche and smoked with vanilla-infused woodchips.
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Zeta’s Signature Serve Cocktail

Once the cloche is removed, the vanilla and wood essence are released and the drink is enjoyed with Valrhona chocolate truffles infused with Johnnie Walker Platinum Label.

The Johnnie Walker Platinum Label signature serves can be experienced at their respective venues.

Guests also enjoyed a selection of delicious canapés by Graham Ette of Etiquette Catering, each designed to highlight the flavour profiles of Johnnie Walker Platinum Label.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
L-R: Smoked tuna, Charcoal tart, Foie gras – Photo Credit: Peter Czeczon*

Smoked tuna with lime sesame seeds and yuzu was served on arrival to cleanse the palate and highlight the citrus and smoky flavour profile of the whisky. The charcoal tart with olive and spring vegetables complemented the smoky character while the foie gras with spicy cinnamon jelly and apple cracker matched the stewed fruit notes.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
L-R: Prawn miso, Panna Cotta, Toffee almond dates – Photo Credit: Peter Czeczon*

For dessert, the citrus jelly with creamy vanilla Panna Cotta highlighted the citrus and vanilla flavours while the toffee almond dates with chocolate ganache put a decadent touch with rich toffee and almond notes.

Couture chocolates by Boon Chocolates also accentuated the key note of the whisky with guests offered a small selection to enjoy at home.
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Couture Chocolates by Boon Chocolates – Photo Credit: Peter Czeczon*

The sensory journey continued with a screening of “The Man Who Walked Around the World” paying homage to the spirit of the Johnnie Walker house. Bespoke tea mixes by Honest Tea were offered to guests based on their taste , paying homage to John Walker who once traded in tea and spices.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Bespoke tea blending by Honest Tea

And continuing the theme of indulgence where aristocrats once enjoyed the reserve blends that have inspired the Johnnie Walker Platinum Label, La Prairie therapists treated guests to luxuriant hand massages using the Skin Caviar range.

Johnnie Walker Platinum
Hand massages by La Prairie therapists

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label launch

Much like the premium blended whisky, the Johnnie Walker Platinum Label launch was an indulgent and well-crafted event that delighted all the senses.

The launch was held on Thursday 30 August 2012 at the penthouse of the Diamant Hotel in Potts Point.

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*All food photographs by Peter Czeczon are used with permission.

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