Suntory Cup Final / Cocktail Connoisseur at theloft

The Suntory Cup Final for 2012 was held at the Theloft in Sydney on Thursday November 1. Five of the country’s state finalists competed for the title which was totally voted on by consumers.

Invited guests were given a “Cocktail Connoisseur” kit with cocktail currency redeemable for a drink at each of the five bartender stations and “tip chips” with which to vote on their favourite cocktail.

Suntory Cup Final
Erin Shaw

Erin Shaw from Cushdy represented South Australia with her cocktail, Motor Cross, made with Remy Martin VS Cognac, a splash of Cointreau with fig, fennel and chilli chutney and lemon juice.

Suntory Cup Final
Raymondo Donato

Raymondo Donato from the Croft Institute in Victoria presented his cocktail Wolfenbüttel Sour made with Jägermeister, orgeat syrup, lemon juice and garnished with mint sprigs and berries.

Suntory Cup Final
Ian Loh

Ian Loh from Helvetica Bar in WA  made his Kyoto’s Kick, with a mix of Yamazaki 12yo Japanese whisky, Remy Martin VSOP Cognac, lemon juice, orgeat syrup and a dash of bitters.

Suntory Cup Final
Taka Shino

Taka Shino from Eau-de-Vie Bar and winner of the Suntory Cup NSW Final presented his cocktail, Emerald Hill, made with Midori, Yamazaki 12yo Japanese whisky, a hint of smoky Bowmore whisky, finished with Cynar, bitters and a speared green olive.

Suntory Cup Final
Perryn Collier

Perryn Collier from The Laneway in Queensland prepared the Afternoon Highball, a highly refreshing drink made with Midori, Cointreau with muddled cucumber and aloe vera juice.

Suntory Cup Final
Bowmore oyster shots

Bowmore whisky oyster shots were served on arrival as well as tasty canapés from theloft’s kitchen. Charleston dancers provided entertainment before The Martini Club rocked the house once the official voting period ended.

Suntory Cup Final
L-R: Perryn Collier (2nd), Raymono Donato (1st), Ian Loh (3rd)

The winner of the Suntory Cup Finals was Raymondo Donato, followed in second position by Perryn Collier and in third place, Ian Loh. Raymondo wins a trip to Japan to visit whisky distilleries as well as $1,000 in spending money.

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