Perrier Mixology Masterclass with Tomas Vikario

Perrier mixologist Tomas Vikario has recently presented a cocktail masterclass at Sydney’s QT Hotel.

Trade and media guests mingled at the bar of the recently opened hotel while sipping on Perrier Blood Orange Americano made with a mix of sweet red vermouth, Campari, Monin Blood Orange syrup topped with Perrier sparkling mineral water.

Perrier Mixology Masterclass with Tomas Vikaro
Tomas Vikario

Tomas Vikario has been in the hospitality industry for 18 years now and has been working and managing many top end establishments in his native Croatia. His experience includes being a brand ambassador and brand manager for Monin, Grand Marnier, Camus, Pommery and Fernet Branca. He then spent two years working with Diageo brands and Monin for the same market. In the last 12 months Tomas has been living in New Zealand and Australia working as a Beverage Innovation Manager for the Stuart Alexander Ltd. importers and distributors of Perrier in Australia.

Perrier is renowned for its unique carbonation with 7g CO2 per litre and a low mineral content (479 mg) which does not compete with the spirit, making a preferred choice for cocktails.

The first demonstration was a comparative tasting of Perrier and San Vittoria mineral water, an exercise in going back to basics to appreciate the differences in taste and smell between the two brands. This was followed by Perrier Sublimation Balls, using cucumber, ginger and watermelon balls topped with Perrier and presented alongside the bottle.

Perrier Mixology Masterclass with Tomas Vikaro
Perrier Sublimation Balls

The masterclass highlighted various ways of presenting Perrier as well as using various ways it can be used in cocktails. Tomas was joined by Luke Redington who prepared two versions of a Tom Collins using Perrier and another mineral water with lesser carbonation.

Perrier Mixology Masterclass with Tomas Vikaro
Luke Redington

Below are some of the favourite cocktails from the masterclass which can mostly be replicated at home and behind the bar.

Perrier French Way

Perrier Mixology Masterclass with Tomas Vikaro
Perrier French Way

200 ml Perrier
50 ml gin
2 slices Fresh ginger
10 ml Monin ginger syrup
Fresh lemon wedge
1 sugar cube
20 ml Monin Blue curacao

1. In a mixing glass, crush a slice of fresh ginger and a lemon wedge with a pestle. Add 10 ml of Monin Ginger syrup. Add gin.
2.   Fill the mixing glass with ice and stir with a bar spoon.
3. Double filter the mixture into an absinth glass.
4. Soak a lump of white sugar with blue curacao and then place it on an absinthe spoon over the glass.
5. Place the glass on a tray, accompanied by a bottle of Perrier.
6. Pour the Perrier over the soaked sugar lump until it dissolves.
7. Once the sugar has dissolved, drop the absinthe spoon into the glass, stir and enjoy.
8. Place the glass on a tray next to the bottle of Perrier.

Perrier Peach Mint Julep

Perrier Mixology Masterclass with Tomas Vikaro
Perrier Peach Mint Julep

50 ml cognac
15 ml Monin Peach Fruit Mix
10 mint leaves
2 drops Angostura bitter
50 ml Perrier
2 sprigs of mint

1. In a shaker filled with ice, add cognac, Peach Fruit Mix, 2 drops of Angostura bitter and 10 leaves of fresh mint.
2.   Close the shaker and mix vigorously to release as much of the essence as possible contained in the mint leaves.
3.   Open the shaker and add Perrier.
4. Fill a glass or a metal tumbler with crushed ice and double filter the mixture over the crushed ice. Add two  straws  and garnish with two pretty heads of fresh mint.
5. Present alongside the bottle of Perrier.

Perrier Solera

Perrier Mixology Masterclass with Tomas Vikaro
Perrier Solera

1 fresh ginger piece
1 fresh orange peel
1 fresh lime peel
50 ml of Havana Club Rum
50 ml of cold PERRIER

1 nice sniffer glass
1 big rock glass

1. Using a sharp knife, cut the zests o lime and orange and the ginger into a long triangle.
2. Fill the sniffer glass with crush ice to chill it.
3. In a mixing glass filled with ice pour the rum.
4. Pour PERRIER and stir well with a bar spoon.
5. Remove the crush ice from the sniffer glass
6. Fill the rock glass with crush ice and place it on a tray for service.
7. Squeeze and place the zests of orange and lime as well as the piece of ginger into the sniffer glass.
8. Place the sniffer glass over the rock glass filled with crush ice. The ice bed helps to keep the mix at perfect temperature for tasting.
9. Serve.

Perrier Whisper (Smoked)

Perrier Mixology Masterclass with Tomas Vikaro
Perrier Whisper (Smoked)

40 ml of whisky, origin and age up to the client
4 ice cubes
bottle of Perrier

1. Pour the ingredients into the serving glass and simply serve accompanied by the bottle of Perrier.
2. To serve, cover the glass with a glass bell (cloche) and inject the smoke from the smoker. Uncover the cloche in front of the customer allowing them to inhale the aromas.

The Perrier Mixology Masterclass with Tomas Vikaro was held on Monday 29 October 2012 at Sydney’s QT hotel.

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